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Rangers' Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2023/24

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9 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

Villa beat Leicester, Brenda gets sacked, at Ibrox for Halloween.

"Growing up as a Celtic fan in Ireland, although I never ever attended a game I also greatly admired Rangers as a football club and institution, it truly is a great privilege to be the manager of such a fantastic football club as this, it's a true honour and I feel genuinely humbled to be here"

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6 minutes ago, Thistle_do_nicely said:

Tuned out a little at the end but heard a claim that 7 of the side that made it to the europa league final last season for Rangers* started tonight and wondering how they got so comprehensively beaten tonight.

Would guess its that whole football thing of fighting fires at one end of the pitch to put them out only for more to start out somewhere else. Last season the team could count on Morelos winning fouls and shrugging people off down the channels; post injury he looks like he patently cant be arsed now. If he wasnt getting joy last season then theresl was Aribo to drag them through games; Bassey cigared it tonight showing what theyve lost; Kent looks like he wants away too as per Morelos. All feeds into each other; when you're watching your manager bringing on The Ghost of Steven Davis and Old Man Arfield as subs it might just scrape you points against domestic jobbers but thats about all, and when the defence are reliably chucking goals away it then heaps pressure on the forwards to have to perform. Matondo and Sakala are pretty rubbish so far and all, Colak got off to a good start but can be anonymous.

They were playing a far better team than they played at any point last season. 

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