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Rangers' Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2023/24

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12 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

Despite being a fairly small team, this team won the main initial period of the Belgian League's weird system so this is a very good win for Rangers tbf.

Their striker just went to Brighton and played in the win against United. That’s who they’re backed by . 

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15 minutes ago, Empty It said:

Union showing some decent passing and play when attacking, wonder what would've happened if they come to the bigot dome to win as opposed to defending their lead.

Apart from extra time, Union's passing was atrocious. The amount of times they were on the verge of breaking and the ball would be passed straight to a blue shirt. The last five minutes aside, Union were dreadful. I hope it's PSV in the next round to get this team into the Europa League. 

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9 hours ago, Orbix said:

I think we can do it, and I think it’ll be 4-1.


Btw, never in doubt. 

That Tilman goal coming from Borna actually backing himself is so good to see but if he starts at the weekend with the same dourness idk.

Matondo offers so much to covering Tav and Goldson - both were not at their best today. 

Loved Thomson in commentary, Alfie was possibly offside for the Kent shot where he was in a different postcode to the defender. 

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