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Rangers' Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2023/24


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5 hours ago, G51 said:

As much as it will displease me to see us eviscerate our fellow monarchists, I’m taking Sevco -2 at 14’s tonight.

This is the greatest Scottish European side of the modern era up against some Dutch farmers. No contest.


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Could have been 3 at the end there, but Tavernier positioned on the post (where for some reason we didn’t have anyone in the 3rd minute on Sunday for an identical effort).

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Well at least very few Rangers fans took the p1ss out of us when we lost 2-0 away from home to a team we should be beating….

Predict Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

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Absolutely honking performance. We were lucky to get nil. 

(The whole team should be fined a week's wages and it should be credited to my Bet365 account.) 

Passing side to side without enough penetration (matron!) was so easy for Union to defend against.  I don't believe in gods, so I'm not looking for a miracle, but without serious improvement at Ibrox, we're oot and based on tonight's performance, rightly so. 

Utter shambles of a performance. 


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The tie is far from over. It's possible but unlikely that Rangers will be as bad next week. If it's the same system, ponderously slow build up,  terrible final balls and square pegs in round holes, then they'll be out.

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