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Our Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2022/23


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13 minutes ago, welldaft said:

I can see Ramsey coming back to haunt us if we make it thru v Wales. 

There is some symmetry in paying loads of money to a mercenary only for him to f**k up so badly.


No doubt

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As pish as it was watching that bloody awful game, that ending was fucking hilarious.


In fact, scrap that.
Disappointed we didn't get to see more of the sevco fans tears.

I personally feel they have deprived me of that joy, and frankly, I feel attacked.

(Although not as attacked as the poor citizens of Seville, obvs)

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Relief is ten times the relief I felt last summer when England bottled their final against Italy 

Thank f**k 

Hope all sevconians who travelled to Seville have a shite night and a fucking miserable journey home 


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Posted (edited)

What surprised me was McGregor standing static in the goal. It may make little difference but I always thought the goalies that bounce about and flail their arms and go from side to side are 100% more off putting to any penalty taker. 

Maybe he needed a Zimmer frame to do that. I don’t know but he made little effort to put off the Frankfurt players. 

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Manager fucked it for rangers roofe should have been on earlier he showed a difference in their play right away having a focal point to work too
And then to take striker off for Ramsey when pens were not that far away criminal

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