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Our Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2022/23


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Couldn't bear to watch it but flicked over just as the Frankfurt goal went in, which was nice. Then saw the lovely news on SSN just now. Get it up all the glory hunters, bigots and downright thugs. For the decent fans, at least your team done you proud. But for many of us, it's a massive relief. 

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Oh come on Rangers fans dont get so down....you can win cup finals.....remember that momentous day you beat Peterhead to win the Petrofac cup......that day will forever be remembered in history.

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3 minutes ago, J_Stewart said:

Is there anything more beautiful than watching **** cry?

For me, absolutely not. Genuinely arousing.

This bloke strongly disagrees.



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2 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:
4 minutes ago, Albus Bulbasaur said:
I do not like Aaron Ramsey.
Good night. 

You should dislike your world class Kent more, completely anonymous all night and had he scored his tap in you wouldn't have needed penalties.

Also posted missing in the shoot out. 

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Will be time for a proper post ported after the hearts game, but they went as close as they could. Fucking knackering. Eintracht obviously well coached and Trapp had a brilliant game when called upon, but maybe a little less to do tonight than anyone would have wanted.
thought Bassey in particular acquitted himself marvellously. 
Thought he was the best player on the park, either side, personally. He'll not be with you for long, has EPL centre back written all over him with maybe another year.

But TBH I thought only he, Lundstrum, Wright and Davis turned up for Rangers. The rest were well below previous levels.

They were the same, only a handful of them turned up.

Was a pretty poor game I thought.

Rangers bossed extra time and only a good save took it to pens.

But they were better over the 90. Rangers scored from their only real chance from a mistake.

They could have had a few in the 90.
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