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Our Wee Sevillian Spot in Europe - Season 2021/22


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5 minutes ago, Tynie Wickfield said:

Truly them and their pals at the other end of the city are Scotland’s shame.

Nearly smashed the telly when i seen the "Pride of Glasgow" banner at the start of the match.

As a proud weegie there is literally nothing worse about this city than the vile they two c***s engage in.

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Talking about the match on a Rangers match thread isn't popular...but that was a decent first half from us, mostly.

Good to see Alfie playing up front and rolling defenders in the way that few players in Scotland can do.  Also the goal was a cracker.

Shame Aribo couldn't finish off what was another good move.

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3 minutes ago, Detournement said:

That's one of the worst pieces of play in history. 

That's quite enough about the sabbath, we're on a match thread, a match thread involving what appears to be the worst team between the Urals and the Irish Sea

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16 minutes ago, The_Kincardine said:


For about 60 of the 90 minutes we were excellent. Bit panicky towards the end of each half.  

It's only one game, but impressed with what I've seen so far. Nice to see the players playing with a bit of fire in their bellies again. 

I thought big Bassey was excellent. 

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