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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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Who is the other guy that takes part? The Big lad. He can’t even boot a spare ball onto the pitch. 
whole thing is embarrassing. 

The only person who volunteered for the role during the summer, gives up his time and does a lot of work for the club including getting sponsorship for the new kit van! [emoji122]
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1 hour ago, jagr68 said:



The only person who volunteered for the role during the summer, gives up his time and does a lot of work for the club including getting sponsorship for the new kit van! emoji122.png



I sincerely apologise for what I may have inferred regarding this or any other volunteer, I absolutely didn’t mean to criticise this person individually and on reflection my post was disrespectful to him. 
My point, however clumsy in my post was more a frustration after yet another defeat and just the ongoing malaise around my club. 

Allan Moore has a difficult if not impossible job to do and I was mealy (poorly perhaps ) trying to point out that he had no ‘Professional’ help yesterday not even a Senior player helping. I remember John Rankin assisted a number of times while injured. I’m sure even Connor Duthie for example, not being in the squad unfortunately could have taken some of the drills for example. Just to let Moore concentrate on the preparation etc. 

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Martin Lauchlan record 

Rossvale - 2nd bottom when he arrived ,Won their First ever title within first year...

EK - 5th when he arrived and lost 2 best players , Won 4 trophies and first ever league title shortly followed.. Let down by owners promise...

Petershill - 2nd bottom when he arrived ,First full season league title after covid and Scottish cup semi...

2 from 3 of these clubs on shoe strimg budget..

EK slightly different however money going into that club very untrue and current/previous seasons league positions since ML left confirms with the exception of maybe one...

Conclusion. Lauchlan can putt a winning, successful, hard working and entertaining teams on park from a low budget - us nezt season...

I hope he reapplies and club give it serious consideration, Him or someone like him for me...

Yer Mithers Pride🇾🇪

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While it's been two defeats, I thought Clyde probably showed enough on Saturday and presumably against Alloa to justify Moore getting a few more games. Admittedly they never looked like scoring but equally if it wasn't for the penalty I don't think Airdrie were scoring either, although that was partially due to our own issues. Duffy might do a decent job steadying things but he was hardly a roaring success in his last couple of jobs. He's possibly the one manager with an even worse recruitment record than Danny Lennon too :lol: 

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Not overly excited about that appointment but will give him a chance. What I will say is he recruited some good defenders among awful squads. Declan Gallagher, Marr, McQueen, Marsh and loans like Fordyce and Lamie who although weren't here long enough to make much of an impact, have went on to have decent careers. Hopefully he can find a full back or 2 in January.

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That is not an inspiring appointment. That's not to say it won't work, but it's not one to spark much in the way of hope or interest and (as has been said) his recruitment is usually pretty poor too.

I hope his contract is only until the summer, for now at least.

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I honestly can’t believe this, we’ve sacked Danny primarily for poor recruitment and employed the guy who signed some of the worst players I’ve ever seen.

Bad enough the same shite players like Lyon reappearing now the same shite managers. I’ve tried to persevere through this shit show of a season but this is the final straw.

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I must admit, I didn't for one minute see that occurring. The only thing I'd say is that I've not seen a single name mentioned that I was remotely interested in; there's a real dearth of candidates presently

Duffy didn't leave on bad terms and we were a decent enough L2 side in his final year, albeit very lucky to have a consistent side. We should have got to the playoff final as we were clearly better than East Fife. However, there were some absolute horror runs of form, partly budget related, in the previous seasons though. His transfer record at a host of clubs has been shocking. 

The good news for Duffy is that if he manages to take a point between now and the end of February then he's an improvement.


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