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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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Trialist tonight. Is it just me or does that look a bit like Marky Munro from that angle...

Bringing Ross Lyon back after being not good enough first time was something but this after 2 spells of being shite would take the absolute biscuit.

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Think Danny has really lost the plot now. What did he hope to gain from a midweek friendly at this stage in the season against the likes of Darvel? Win and it's dismissed as a "so what?". Lose and it's the ultimate embarrassment. Is he hoping to humiliate the squad into performing better in the league? Absolutely crazy.

Sad to say I'm caring less and less and am more animated losing at FIFA these days than seeing Clyde get pumped. There is an air of inevitability about this season already unless something drastic changes soon. Not necessarily saying Lennon must go but something's gotta give. Get it sorted ffs.

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11 minutes ago, Bob731 said:

And now second bottom of the League….with Dunfermline as the game in hand ffs

That's the big issue from tonight, albeit with Kelty playing QotS we were onto a loser either way.

All joking aside, losing a bounce friendly where we make 10 changes means absolutely nothing. It's just a runout for players that haven't been in the team. I'm sure we play any number of such matches throughout the year that don't end up open to the public and don't get reported on.

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What a great benefit playing that game was

Lets get some of the fringe players starting to find out…………well to find out they are even worse than we thought and are not even lowland league level

Playing 3 left backs in the one team shows DL has totally lost the plot or maybe he is playing his ticket to get the board to sack him which of course they won’t 

Defeat on Saturday puts us 6 behind Kelty which we aren’t going to bridge anytime soon

Another depressing night to be a Clyde fan.  Been too many of them recently

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I don't mind the principle of playing the odd friendly but this really seems like a waste of time. 

You can't judge if say Sula could make a difference in the first 11 because he's playing in a second choice defence and behind a makeshift midfield. If you played at least 6 or 7 of the normal starters and added 4 or 5 fringe players, you'd get a better idea of who might fit into the team.

Meanwhile, our regular starters who could do with a training session to keep working on our faults will have done a warm up tonight, sat on the bench and then a minor cool down at the end.

Week in, week out, we can't even take an adequate throw in to one of our own players, let alone organise ourselves at corners (attacking or defending). And yet, instead of spending a night working on that, it's more important that our back up players (half of whom will barely get another competitive game) get some game time.

I get that this is the kind of thing that if the team is doing well, no one cares about. But playing a public friendly against an in form team in our current circumstances is beyond stupid and deserves all the criticism it gets.


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