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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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We signed Jon Craig, a left-back on loan, to then select Kennedy starting in that position. When Kennedy came off we replaced him with Rodden.

So to summarise, as the window was about to slam shut Danny Lennon prioritised the signing of a third choice left back and a goalkeeper.

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Even in a game where we competed far better, they still manage to throw the game away embarrassingly.

Jordan Allan didn't have the best game but gave our team more shape and scored a goal, emphasising how baffling it was for Lennon to drop him for so long.

I'd be happy to see Lennon go but there's no chance of our board doing anything proactive. 

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We lost today because the team had no direction whatsoever after half time. Wee boy attitude and  puts in a stupid challenge near the halfway line which gives the ref a decision to make..mental.

Keeper sells 2
Lennon takes Allan off when we were just starting to get a little change by running into space. McDonald coming on against experienced defenders is like playing your half decent 14 year old son in a game of adult 5’s. 

We have a guy on loan from Killie and he can’t get a game ahead of Kennedy, Rodden or Nyamsi what does that say about him?
Give a goalie a wage when he is no better than the average one we already have. 
Absolutely no presence up top. Overall it’s a losing team, no chance we can survive this year, thoroughly depressing.

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why is he still in a job. We will loose at the weekend and it will be the same pish. He won promotion 4 years ago. What else has he done? Relegation dogfight year on year. 6 league losses in a row is completely unacceptable at any level of the game.

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