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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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6 minutes ago, SLClyde said:

I hope this build up isn’t for Aidan Cassidy signing on amateur terms. 

The Gretna goalkeeper must have been diabolical last season given all the L1 standard outfield players they had.

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Happy with that addition, a player with some pedigree. Part-time might suit him given his injury record.

Hopefully we also employ their dad in some role so I don't need to listen to his nonsense on the radio.

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Smashing signing for Clyde. Was absolutely superb in the playoffs and was a key reason on how we achieved promotion. He’s a leader on the park and seems like the type that genuinely loves defending, which in your case I’d imagine will be pretty imperative across the season. Possibly the slowest player you’ll ever see and he will get caught out now and again (red card against yourselves last season an example) but his football brain is first class that he rarely needs to sprint anyway

Cons are most notably his injury issues. It’s clear that he wouldn’t be playing at this level had he not been dealt with so many unfortunate long term injuries. Hopefully part time football prevents those injuries from re occurring and has a great season. Wouldn’t of been adverse in the slightest seeing him signed on again for us in the championship 

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7 minutes ago, haufdaft said:

I may have missed it but who is our Captain for the upcoming season?

Peter Grant may be perfect for the role.

was Thicot in the friendlies

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