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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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11 hours ago, Scott-Replay said:

Someone make up some rumours pls

Agnes from the Co Op spotted in Asda Hamilton.   Heard a whisper that she's been offered exclusivity with the mark down section 6.30 to 7 Mon, Wed and every second Friday.  Talk of her name being added to the PFA's available list.

She's not happy but that brings out a certain melancholic quality I've seldom seen in a woman of her years.

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54 minutes ago, Brian Carrigan said:

You think?

What do you make of his as a player? Looked lively against us but didn't think too much of him at Stenny before his ban.

I've no idea. It was just mentioned by a Bully Wee fan, and I'd say that top half League Two/bottom half League One is about his level, so it would make sense.

Conner Duthie is probably the definition of 'lively'. He'll work his arse off, he'll take players on all day, he's pretty decent in the air, he'll never hide or shirk a challenge and he's absolutely rapid. He just has very little by the way of end product. And by that I mean he'll do everything right, getting into excellent positions in front of goal especially, and then he'll finish like he's taking a goal kick, or he'll run out of play, or he'll slice a cross out for a throw in.

Think of a League One Oli Burke and you've pretty much got Conner Duthie.

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In other news, I am absolutely astounded to learn that Kyle Ferguson, Barry’s boy, appears to be getting a semi-regular game in the fifth tier of English football for Altrincham. During his few appearances for us, he was an absolute ringer and I saw nothing to suggest he’d get a game in the East of Scotland league. Never mind a semi-decent level!

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3 minutes ago, Ignoramus said:

I would’ve wagered a decent amount of money we’d make some signings ahead of the meeting tonight. I wonder if this is contract renewals from last season or fresh faces or both?

I said exactly the same thing last night.

Every team needs a second goalkeeper who probably wont be very good. I'd be worried if he had to play a decent run of games.

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Cunningham is a good player, definitely up to L1 level, but this is a big season for him. Really unlucky injury when he was finding consistent form.

I don't think he has ever played well at right wing. He has to be involved inside the pitch.

Either way, it's good to have someone who can run.

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