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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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9 minutes ago, an86 said:

Clyde, crying, pissing their pants and spewing in the street as the rain batters off the pavement, “We were leavin’ anyway! Yer pub’s shite!” 

Evicted for dug racing and now evicted for idolising rapists. A new low.

Class pal

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Similar to Scott, I'm not from Cumbernauld but, I've only ever seen Clyde based at Broadwood so am rather saddened by the news. It's a shame that in over 25 years at the stadium, we never felt like we made any lasting effort to really connect with the area.

It does seem daft rushing a move to groundshare with Hamilton on the justification that we don't want to be stuck with nowhere in a year's time, but it's hard to say without knowing the financials of either deal. I really hope we're not doing it because of one particular player.

I also hope the board have ensured there is no additional money to pay NLC by us choosing to end our lease early. Given their recent actions, not even just recent actually, it wouldn't be a surprise if they overlooked something in that regard.

Can't say 3 to 5 years, and very possibly more, of groundsharing and uncertainty is something to look forward to.

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Hopefully we have a plan for the medium and long term future.

Has there been any positive discussions with interested parties re. a stadium in Glasgow and how it's financed? Is there a plan based on evidence rather than a hope something turns up?

Will we still be in Hamilton in 10/15 years?

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Honestly have no idea how Clyde make decisions despite throwing money away as an owner in the hope of getting some information.

In the last few months we had an AGM to vote in the Board, followed by some updates on working parties who were looking into improving Broadwood and/or potential relocations.   Fast forward a few weeks and we've had some sponsor force the Board into signing a player they didn't want to sign,  then 5(?) new people added to the Board without any mechanism for the owners to do anything about it (including one returning board member who previously tried to kill the club by changing its name and moving us to a stadium that didn't yet exist), immediately followed by announcing a move to fucking Hamilton (christ, i'd have rather the cliftonhill april fools joke was true).   I'm not saying we should stay at Broadwood but I literally have no idea how the fan-owned club works or how the owners actually influence things in any way.

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i'm quite sad to see Clyde leave Broadwood as well, most of my early football memories were from when Airdrie shared there, I would have tthought sharing with us at Broomfield would have made more sense as its just down the road, or are most Clyde fans Glasgow based?

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