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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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16 minutes ago, Clinically Proven said:

When did football clubs become judge and jury on people's character?

The lynch mob are the same people who go on and on about mental health. What if the end result was that he killed himself because of the pile on? Bunch of fucking hypocrites.

When did football clubs become the place for disgraced footballers who refuse to acknowledge wrong doing the place to redeem themselves?

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On 02/03/2022 at 10:32, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

They are capable of anything. Never thought I would ever say that a club was worse than the Blue Scum in Glasgow. 

Clyde fans make Old Firm fans look like normal law abiding citizens.

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North Lanarkshire Council has informed Clyde FC that David Goodwillie must not be permitted access to their stadium in Cumbernauld.

The local authority, which directly owns Broadwood Stadium, had been conducting a review of all its commercial partnership arrangements with Clyde following the club’s decision to bring back Goodwillie on loan from Raith Rovers.

Goodwillie, 32, was found by a judge in a civil case in 2017 to have raped a woman.

In a statement released on Thursday, North Lanarkshire Council said: “We have informed the club that David Goodwillie must not be permitted access to the stadium, for any purpose, with immediate effect.

“Should Mr Goodwillie enter the stadium, we will consider the contract to have been breached and we will take immediate steps to terminate it.

“In addition, we have informed Clyde FC that the council intends not to renew the lease with the club when the contract for the use of Broadwood Stadium expires in May, 2023.

“The council utterly condemns all and any violence towards, or abuse of, women. We offer a range of services to support women who experience abuse, through Rape Crisis Lanarkshire and Aura, and we would urge anyone in this position to make contact.

“The council believes in rehabilitation, and has services which provide this. However, Mr Goodwillie has not expressed any contrition in relation to the rape which the court found he had committed in the civil action against him. In re-signing Mr Goodwillie, Clyde FC has not acknowledged that background or community concerns, instead choosing to focus on enabling Mr Goodwillie to play football.

“We regret that this action is necessary. However, the council has a responsibility to the wider community to act, and to send a clear signal that abuse must not be tolerated.

“We also note that some people have questioned why the council is only taking action now given that Mr Goodwillie has played for Clyde for a number of years.  

“For clarity, the stadium was previously under the control of North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd which, while previously paid by the council for management of a range of services and facilities, is a separate legal entity. The council was unable to direct the company in relation to this matter. The stadium, and all the services of the company, have reverted to direct council control.”

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We deserved absolutely everything we got from this. I hope each and every person who voiced support for his return, and even more so those who pressured the board into ratifying it, feels proud of themselves this evening! Thank you for putting your love of a rapist on a pedestal above the future of our club.

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Clyde have shot themselves in the foot big time but it says a lot about the womens team, council etc that they were happy with him being at the club 5/6 weeks ago (or at least weren't arsed about speaking up about it).

Some folk will jump at the chances to get in the papers or a wee mention on twitter. Its rather embarrassing no matter how moral it is. 

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11 minutes ago, Smurph said:

Gerry Britton will be on the phone soon with a great groundsharing opportunity at Firhill.

I know this is a joke but given that our BoD didn't attend Stark's Park as guests of the Raith Board on Saturday I think it unlikely that we would in any way shape or form help facilitate Clyde to include a rapist in their team. 

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Fucking joke. Get him to f**k. I hope all the arseholes who post on the official forum and from the Glasgow Branch are happy. How much is it going to cost us to go to another stadium now? Are the sponsors who threatened to pull their support gonna put up the money to move us now? Who the f**k is going to touch us now?


It's absolute beggar's belief that anyone thought we'd just be able to sign him again without picking up the shitstorm that Raith got.



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