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Clyde FC; Season 2021-22

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Nice play by Jack firstly to win the ball, then make the pass later. Good to get the two goal margin back.

The commentator has been excellent. Not trying to talk too much, just telling you what's happening. 

The stream & camera have been better than expected (touch wood).

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Yep, have to agree that the commentator's doing a very good job and *trying* to remain as impartial as possible. Has a good handle on the Dumbarton squad as well, which is good.

We are looking good here, but Dumbarton have absolutely no answers to our mobility in the middle of the park. Sterner tests are ahead no doubt, but all of the new recruits look pretty good.

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I still think we'll miss goals this season because the camera is following a gull but it will have to do just now. Commentator has been good; was worried it would be banter central but he's been miles better than the comedy duo we'll need to endure on Tuesday.

Dumbarton have been absolutely dreadful. I know Duffy can usually organise a dour team but they've been all over the place and had nothing going forward. Their goalkeeper has made two terrific saves from Goodwillie and Johnston (the latter was offside). 

We have a lot of pace all over the pitch. Lots of good football in us. Teams are going to absolutely hammer the space in behind Shiels though.

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Great first half, this team is certainly geared for going forward,  brilliant strike for the first goal ( perfectly summed up by the commentator " he wellied it " )  second , couldn't see that well it was in the shadow, but didn't look like a penalty, but Goodie took it well as usual.  Third was a great move,  hope that's what we have to look forward to this season. 

Stream working well, good first half all round.

C'mon the Clyde


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