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Clyde FC; Season 2021-22

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8 hours ago, Ingo ohne Flamingo said:

That lad Henderson looks like a clever wee player

Apparently very highly rated by St Mirren, in fact some fans were surprised they let him go out on loan instead of including him in the First Team squad.

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Seen Kai McCormack is in the photo of the laddies with the cup but not listed as signed and presumably playing as a trialist currently. Wonder if the other trialists are members of last seasons u21 squad? Certainly look like young boys and I don't recognise any of them.
That under 21 side were garbage and have now disbanded. Would expect it will be youth players released from premiership clubs we are looking at like Robertson and Wilson.

It worked the year we had Roberts in charge but the lack of experience in the team especially in midfield is a big worry. Its a pity Rankin didn't stay on for 1 more season.
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Danny concluded with an update on the health and fitness of the squad, including Kristoffer Syvertsen, who didn't take part in the Broadwood Cup:-
"Kristoffer has had a slight niggle and we've taken him out as a precaution mainly. He did a light session last night and should be back in with the group tomorrow, all being well. We've got to remember that Kristoffer didn't play any football for over a year, so we need to treat him carefully at the moment.
"Craig Howie took a sore one to the face at the weekend - thankfully we don't think it is anything serious at this stage, but we're awaiting his final test results."

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The idea of bringing on five guys who aren't good enough to start is ludicrous, particularly at lower levels of the game. The fixture list isn't any busier than usual, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

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