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Clyde FC; Season 2021-22

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2 hours ago, Brian Carrigan said:

Season card discount will only be applied at the stadium or through emailing [email protected] - if you order through the RJM website it won’t be applied. There’s a message in red writing on the home page saying the same thing.5FF4C61D-D48A-4A2B-AE1C-1FFD65805F96.thumb.jpeg.d8199b24eec096012e7cd216829a06cf.jpeg

Order confirmed using that link below and £ deducted from season card


Season card holders should please note that the 10% discount benefit is not applicable to online sales. Card holders can place an order by emailing [email protected] and the discount will be applied, with the order total removed from the card balance. Please clearly state your order item(s), size and quantity, including the name the season card is registered with.

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2 hours ago, SouthLanarkshireWhite said:

I remember watching across the pitch as the away fans strode in all confident. There was an 'individual' in a kilt (on a warm summers day). 

Strode was not the terminology two hours later. 

That'll be the season Thistle we're going to do an "arsenal" but ended up getting relegated 😂😂

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A good player and one for EF to be excited about, but his negatives are staying fit and his disinterest in defending. For them it makes sense as with a stable defence and midfield it's easier to add a player like that.

We have far bigger issues to fix at the back and in midfield that we need our budget for.

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Can't believe relegation talk already because someone has signed a decent player who is likely to be injured half the season, ffs get a grip.

Most of the teams in our situation will be waiting until September earliest, no point paying players to sit on their arse for 2 months when the budget is so tight.

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22 minutes ago, SLClyde said:

Joe McKee leaving dumbarton, would like to see us take him. Looked good anytime I saw him and plays in an area we need to sign a bit of quality in.

Aye I like him, too. Think he was in the top 5 for assists in the country last season.

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