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Clyde FC; Season 2021-22

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We'd surely want Thistle and Falkirk at home in the first "third" as well, just in-case we are able to get some sort of crowd in? That would mean four home games with them, rather than just two.


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15 minutes ago, shawfield shed boy said:

What is the latest for when crowds are allowed in

It is going to get interesting, I would imagine season tickets  only would be admitted initially,   the problem would lie there in,  if you have 300 season tickets in a 8 k stadium, no problem social distancing etc,    

But if you are one of the clubs currently boasting on season ticket sales, what happens.....  Look at t he old firm for example,  40k season tickets, government allows 10k in the stadium (unlikely) how do you do it draw lots, major issues when people spend a fortune expecting to get to a,game....  

Although most lower league clubs will be fine initially with this idea,  will it get off the ground  if the expected gnashing of teeth from clubs in the  Premier kick it into touch.

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