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Dynamite was solid this week, the Orange Cassidy spot at the end would’ve besn even better with a crowd. 

Next few weeks on both Wednesday might shows look a lot of fun.

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Really enjoyable first night of Fyter Fest. Moxley/Jericho pushed back to Fight for the Fallen on the 15th, so would assume Jericho/Cassidy gets the not to main event instead.

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Jericho vs Cassidy has been built brilliantly and I have no doubt it will deliver.

FTR are perhaps one of the best acquisitions in wrestling that AEW have made, an already stacked tag team division that perhaps was all a bit too similar  in styles (Butcher & The Blade aside but they were never going to be a top team) the division needed a good old fashioned tag team and they'll definitely compliment the high flyers.

It's the subtle storytelling that I enjoy, the Hangman/Omega stuff at the end, the Wardlow/MJF breakup, the Cody Four Horsemen & inevitable heel turn that's being slowly dropped in. Build ups that go on for months before the pay off. Used to watch wrestling religiously in my teens & early 20s but totally faded away from the WWE product but actually find time every week to watch AEW as you feel if you miss a show you'll maybe miss out on something special and each week  storylines feel like they have meaning.  Long may it continue.

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1 hour ago, Sherrif John Bunnell said:

Cameron/Ariane is an interesting hire. She might not be a great wrestler, but she is an always entertaining presence.

Is she the one who was on Tough Enough and told Austin her favourite ever match was Melina v Alicia Fox?

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