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29 minutes ago, TheGoon said:

Dean Malenko’s been brought in as a producer which is a good hire, and Cody’s confirmed the broadcast deal with ITV. Assuming it’ll be on ITV 4 but they’ve already managed to get the Before the Bell on ITV/STV so who knows. Good start for them though, and ITV’s wrestling team are promoting Sunday heavily (as they should be) 

If it's live what would it hurt being on ITV at 1am and then a prime time repeat on ITV4?

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Looking forward to this! About time WWE had a rival they've had it too easy for too long. This isn't going to be PG rated is it? There is definitely a market for an over 18 wrestling company.

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I can't see anyone other than one of the Battle Royale entrants that haven't been announced yet winning the thing. None of the current names should be challenging Omega, it has to be a surprise. If they're smart, they'll finish the pre-show with Moxley turning up and winning the thing, that is a decent enough incentive for casuals to then buy that show just to see what other surprises there are. 

Tonight's important, and they'll obviously want to make a solid first impression, but the real measure of how successful this company's going to be will come in the PPV buys after Double or Nothing and the weekly TV viewership in a few months. Tonight lets them set the tone and show anyone that isn't already familiar with a lot of the roster what exactly they're all about. Really looking forward to it.

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