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The AEW Thread


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36 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

Saraya is pish. Her promos have always been pish, her accent is pish, her ego is off the charts and she thinks she's the fucking business.

Don't get the hype, personally. 

Britt Baker is a much better talent overall IMO.

Her 'anti-diva' stuff was pretty good when she first came to the main roster on WWE. She had a unique look and, unlike the majority of her peers at the time, could actually wrestle. Her cutting down 'divas' on the mic worked, although AJ Lee did it better.

However she was soon overtaken when more talent who could wrestle were called up and when she couldn't call out shite wrestlers she had little to offer on the mic.

Now she doesn't really have a character of note other than whiny, bitter gatekeeper, which would be absolute fine if she were a heel, but she's being pushed as a face. Her promos are atrocious, which is probably why they kept her bit short last night. Her 'this is my house' stuff doesn't fit, especially when Swerve has already laid claim to residence.


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JAS vs Claudio & Bryan was match of the show. Their whole association needs to be done after Final Battle though. 

I’m looking forward to Full Gear, but there’s a few feuds that have just gone on too long, or I don’t have any real interest in. They need a bit of a reset, MJF & The Elite winning and a few of these feuds finally concluding will hopefully provide that. 

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5 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

You'll not be surprised who Best Friends' 'Very Evil' partner was.

Didn't realise how huge Konosuke Takeshita is until I saw beside Renee!

Surprised Cage vs Starks is on the pre-show.

Big fan of him from what I've seen. The guy has 'it' in spades, he's only about 26 as well.

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Aw man, Jungle Boy vs Luchasauras was brilliant! Great match that had the right outcome for all involved. Think JB whiffed the elbow drop at the end, but doesn't detract from a great match.

Also, a cage match that genuinely didn't have interference!!!!![/spoiler l]

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14 minutes ago, TheGoon said:

That is one of the matches of the year. Incredible. Didn’t see that finish coming either 

Aw man that trios match was an absolute treat. So good, and everyone in it was immense and played their part perfectly.

The ending was good and introduces nuance to some folk (spoiler free).

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