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56 minutes ago, forameus said:

Is this a match they'll build for their next quarterly show or more likely one of their minor "big" Dynamites?

I think we might get the match booked at some point before the next PPV. Just expecting shenanigans in the finish to continue things. It's not happening next week. The week after will be from Long Island where i'm expecting the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale with MJF looking to set up the threepeat presumably. Then Winter is Coming having the finale of that. I don't see it anytime soon because of that.


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The rankings are of course bullsh*t, but they usually make sense with what they've got going on. I managed to completely miss how Scorpio Sky has crept upto 3rd.


His last few single matches in AEW read as follows:

  1. 12/11/2021 beat Craven Knyte
  2. 12/07/2021 beat Fuego Dol Sol
  3. 07/07/2021 beat Shawn Dean

So it's not like you can even say he's been racking up the wins on Dark/Elevation.

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18 hours ago, Ludo*1 said:

JR confirming he's off commentary until the end of December whilst he gets radiation treatment.

I wish him the best of luck and hope he boots cancers arse. He's an absolute legend and one of the voices of my childhood. However, I am not overly upset that he'll be off commentary. I'd also be happy if Schiavone took a wee break. Excalibur and Taz is the money pairing.

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I may have mentioned this already but they love getting colour here.  You can see it in the ex Fed guys like Jericho, Moxley and Cody.  13 years (for Jericho and Cody) of no blood under Vince and they're making up for lost time now.

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2 hours ago, FairWeatherFan said:

The SuperKliq / OC segment felt really flat. It shouldn't have taken that long for Wheeler and Chuck to turn up.

I felt a few of the segments fell a bit flat last night. Especially the Team Taz and Lio Rush segment where Taz had an unfunny attempt at the legendary Steiner promo and you could almost hear crickets when Lio was speaking. It's also a bit weird that MJF and Punk constantly talk about Britt in their promos, but neither her or Adam Cole acknowledge it afterwards.

The matches were all very good though and that table spot at the end looked fantastic.

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