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The 1925 Scottish Cup final


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Was wondering if anyone could help me out here? I was hoping to find out the names of the goalscorers in the Scottish junior Cup final replay between Saltcoats Victoria and St Anthony's. Finished 2-1 to Saltcoats. 



Edit - Thank uou very much for the replies 

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teams  saltcoats  mcminn mcginn berryman o'donnell mathieson w mclellan mckenzie j mclellan barr brunton mcdonald

              ants  mills shea bryers mcneil gillon lochead mcdonald peelan donnachie gribben brown

1st game 1-1  saltcoats j mclellan    ants mcneil  at firhill

2nd game  3-3  saltcoats w mclellan 2 j mclellan      ants donnachie brown 2  after extra time at love st

3rd game 2-1  at firhill

hope this helps

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David  McGlone's The Juniors 100 Years gives this as -

 Saltcoats 2 (Brunton & Barr) St Anthony's 1 Donnachie at Firhill 


(1)  Saltcoats 1 (J McLellan) St Anthony's (McNeil) 1 - at Firhill

(2) Saltcoats 3 (W Mclellan 2 J McLellan 1)  St Anthony's 3 ( Donnachie 1 Brown 2) - at Love Street after extra time



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James and William McLellan in the Saltcoats Victoria team were brothers. They played in the same Junior Scotland team against Wales at Pittodrie on 29 May 1926 and with it became (unless anyone knows differently!) the only brothers to play in the same Junior Cup winning and Junior Scotland team.

The St Anthony’s inside right Peelan had earlier in the year made an unsuccessful attempt to travel to Canada as a stowaway. The Canadian officials found him and sent him back!

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