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Whitehill welfare 2019/20

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18 minutes ago, newcastle broon said:

A memorable game doon at Annan, cracking photo,great guy will be sadly missed around the EoS grounds. 

One of the supporters arranged a go fund for a bench near his shop in Bilston. It was overwhelmed with support that there is now a 2nd bench to be placed within the grounds of Ferguson Park. 👏

Good to hear. Mind you I may never see it as I’m not universally welcomed inside the San Fergie 😇

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2 hours ago, Craig the Hunter said:

I've just been passed the news that Peter McGauley has passed away. An absolute giant of a man, who I'm sure will be missed by everyone who knew him.

RIP Sir Peter.

Sad news indeed Craig,to dedicate nearly 60 years day in day oot to the club he adored is simply legendary. 2 Whitehill legends lost within a few months. Hard to take. 😥

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Aye, Sir Peter. Grumpy but when you listened to him he actually had a pretty sharp footballing brain 

He mellowed in later years and actually started saying hello to me :lol:

I did research for an article on Whitehill's badge for the City programme and decided "Mr Whitehill" would be the best person to ask who designed the badge

"Peter, who designed the Welfare badge?"


I should have known- what a true legend!

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Very sad news indeed. A genuinely passionate man where HIS team were concerned.                   If Whitehill were playing, no matter where you were in the ground, you heard him long before you saw him !! 

As he has been described by others, truly dedicated, a giant of a man, a legend, yet these hardly seem enough to describe the very special man who gave his all for Whitehill Welfare.

RIP Sir Peter.

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