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Does anyone else hate cyclists ??

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Cyclists are more of a pain in the arse to me when I’m running as opposed to driving. Like Cardinal says I’ve never had any major issues in 25 years of driving either. However their inability to use cycle lanes that are right next to the pavement and then expect the runner on the pavement to move onto it is eternally baffling. That’s when I may or may not go into a rant at them.

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I just read this thread and am kind of taken aback by the level of violence described in Dee Mans story. You had a brief argument and he head butted you in the face? That’s unbelievable. Every police office will have done a case where someone has died or been severely injured from a single punch, to behave so violently over something relatively trivial is really unsettling.

It’s obviously not just cyclists, I’ve seen and had described to me people having explosions of rage behind the wheel. The fact that some people go through daily life in the verge of an explosion like that is kind of unsettling.

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4 hours ago, Cardinal Richelieu said:

I've been a driver for 25 years and yet I really don't understand the hatred of cyclists. I've witnessed perhaps half a dozen times where a cyclist has been a total dick - endangering either himself or other road users (including one time when one tried to snake down in between two lanes of traffic and knocked off at least one wing mirror). Far fewer times than I've witnessed dickish behaviour from a driver. 

The hatred of them dodging red lights I don't get either. It usually frees up the road better for cars and plenty of other countries allow drivers to proceed on a red if it's safe. 

And aye, it can take a bit of time to overtake cyclists on certain roads at times, but no more so than other slow moving vehicles, such as horses, kerb-crawlers or bin lorries. 

Mon the cyclists. 

TBF Cardinal motorists don't tend to drive on the pavement (yet) while there are plenty of twats in Edinburgh who seem to think they have a right to whistle past pedestrians without even ringing a bell and then get humpty when you challenge them.

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On 09/05/2019 at 15:45, untitled00 said:

As someone who doesn't drive or cycle, frankly your both as bad as each other. 

Cars not indicating is big annoyance for me, especially as if the don't indicate I will assume its fine to cross the road only to watch as they turn rather go straight on and look at me as if i'm in the wrong for assuming they'd understand what you're supposed to do at a Junction.

Cyclists - get a bell and fucking use it. The other week i was out with the dog and one speeds right up behind me with no warning and nearly runs my dog over. I don't have eyes on the back of my head and you don't have a bloody engine to hear - if you let me know you're coming i'll pull the dog over to the side of the path.  Oh and if you are going to try and lecture people on the rules of the road - maybe don't cycle the wrong way down a one way fucking street... - twice that's happened



Nah, stretch your lead and trip them up.

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