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So long as there are NO COLTS anywhere in the mix, I can live with what they come up with. 

If two or three part time Clubs are up and then automatically stay up for the 2020/21 season then that would obviously be an added benefit to Ayr. Can't see how 44 league games could possibly work with three other National Cups, but that is detail.

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Unlike many, I’m not against Colt teams in principle 

I like the idea of young players playing games that would be a hell of a lot more competitive than what they’re currently playing

However,  because this so is clearly in the pipeline to benefit two clubs and two clubs only it should be met with the cynicism it so richly deserves 


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6 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

Well that's the headline the real story is another bash at introducing colts from 2 mystery clubs https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/48179898?__twitter_impression=true



No relegation from next season's Championship...

I'm sold.

In all seriousness, though, it's hilarious how stupid they think we all are. "Two colt teams from Premiership clubs" :lol:

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Falkirk get relegated...Two days later they are talking of a twelve team league



12 teams I wouldn't be against, but as with everyone else pandering to the two arse cheeks can get straight in the sea

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2 minutes ago, I'm Brian said:

So what is going to be the trade off in the negotiation for this?

An extra promotion spot from the championship to premiership, or extra prize money

Neither, I'd imagine, exact same as their apparent proposal to League two sides. 

They tried to claim theyd buy tickets for the games so it was a sell out, even if they didn't then sell the tickets.

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You always see folk hit out with the "But Spain, Germany and the Netherlands have them" patter, but you never hear of the shite countries that I assume also use B teams.
Can anyone name them in order to aid the collective P&B argument?
[Mention]HibeeJibee[/mention], for example?

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12-12-18 I'm all for but colt teams are the giant turds that won't flush.

We've blooded loan players all season and it's been an unmitigated success as it has been in the last few years.

Introduce colt teams and those loans won't necessarily happen and bearing in the mind no fan in Scottish football really wants to watch the colts as shown by the challenge cup, sincerely GTF with it.


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2 minutes ago, Falkirkfan6871 said:

They know if Queens go down with Falkirk it’s bad news for the tv deal and crowds. 12 teams makes perfect sense. 

Do we want to see a Championship with Alloa, Arbroath and Montrose next season? 

You sound just like an old firm fan. 

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