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Not sure if this should be in TV and Movies.  I found a YouTube channel a while ago that makes simulations of incidents involving planes in the last half century.  Most are crashes but not all, some near misses etc.  It is made by pilots, simulates the.movements of the planes accurately, explains the background to each, event itself and aftermath.  They are magnificent videos and I find them absolutely mesmerising.  Love the music too.  Here are a couple of my favourites, nervous fliers might not want to watch the first one




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19 minutes ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:

Is this not just Aircrash Investigation? As seen on Nat Geo or Discovery, Pep? I’ve seen them do the kids one and German wings.

Kind of but more technical and arty at the same time, with no audio. Takes away the Hollywood stuff and dramatization and is kind of heartbreaking but noble.  I find them absolutely fascinating.  Did you watch the first one?  Some of them something goes wrong and they fight it for a while then at the end it says everyone survived and you're so relieved lol.  Great videos, brilliantly made with a touch of class and u derstated. Its like you experience it.

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10 minutes ago, ICTJohnboy said:

Very interesting.

Shame about all those who will have you on ignore.

Aren't they?  Did you watch the first one?  Can you imagine what those people went through, absolutely incredible stuff.  And all because of inadequate greasing of a single nut.

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