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16 hours ago, dundeeunited83 said:

1. Benji - punt, absolutely bang average, gets smaller when he jumps
2. Murdoch- punt, goodbye
3. Booth- punt, average can be easily upgraded
4. Frans- keep, decent enough, interested to see him partner Reynolds
5. Barton- punt, honking stinking attitude, awful
6. Toshney- punt the injury man
7. Mcmullan- keep, dangerous, gets the crossing sorted he’ll be a gem
8. Fyvie- keep, get a good preseason and pray he gets back to his best
9. Sow- keep, showed flashes on Friday night, get him fit, before end of season we go up
10. Clark- keep, poacher
11. King - PUNT
12. Stanton- punt, not up to the challenge
13. Gomis- punt, love u Jimmy
14. Safranko- KEEP, work rate, aggression, passion, must keep the Slovakian international
15. Nesbitt- punt lightweight
16. Matty smith- punt on loan
17. Robson- keep, changed my mind on him last few months, improved
18. Butcher- keep, hard c**t, one of the first names on team sheet
19. Bouhenna- punt, decent enough, decent on ball, not great defender
20. Rabitsch- punt, worst player I’ve ever seen
22. Wardrop- keep, bad injury, think there’s a player there
23. Scobbie-punt, fear
24. Edge- punt see above
25. Cammy smith-keep, good player
30. Reynolds- keep, captain next season
34. Laidlaw-punt if u can replace benji in goal, you must be honking
44. Watson-punt, decent championship player, will no doubt score winner against us never season if he leaves
47. Harkes-keep, bags of potential
49. Seaman-punt, got our man smith, no need for him
50. Pawlett- drifts in and out games, but MASSIVE player for us, when he turns it on, he turns it on, see Dunfermline goal
55. Connolly-keep, battler, fighter, would header a rock

I’d punt Frans, the rest I agree with. 

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19 hours ago, Central Belt Caley said:

That is crazy money for a guy who was fairly susceptible to a blunder or two

Would love to know the money that Boden, Mulraney etc were on 

Not sure about Mulraney other than his wages would've doubled had he stayed but Boden was apparently on £2,000 a week.

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Not sure about Mulraney other than his wages would've doubled had he stayed but Boden was apparently on £2,000 a week.

I believe Mulraney was on £700 a week which was due to become £1400 last summer, hence why we were so desperate to get rid.

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It was definitely due to double, whatever it was.  Fucking horrendous from the previous incarnation of our board.  I include the word incarnation as I believe some of those responsible for sanctioning that deal are still there.

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Ross Doohan - KEEP . Would love to have him back if we can get him, even not accounting for his age he's excellent.

Ellis Hare-Reid - KEEP. Know next to nothing about him but seems well regarded at the club and in the New Zealand set-up. Young and fine as a back-up.


Aaron Muirhead - KEEP. Under contract for next season. Falkirk fans claim he's shite but in his limited game time he's not done much wrong - other than missing a sitter against ICT.

Stevie Bell - KEEP. Love the guy. A lot of the support give him a hard time but I always think our defence is steadier with him in it, Rose takes a disproportionate amount of the credit.

Daniel Harvie - KEEP. A month ago I'd have been tempted to say punt but he's came into form again and is still young.

Chris Higgins - PUNT. Doesn't seem to have it anymore and by all accounts isn't doing well at East Fife. Would like to see him stay as a coach.

David Ferguson - KEEP. Already contracted for next seasonhe's fine as a squad player.

Jamie Adams - PUNT. He's some man but unfortunately he spends more time out injured than on the park. Gutted but it's probably best he goes.

Andy Geggan - UNDECIDED. Might be a controversial one, great squad player and a fans favourite but he's spent so much of the past two seasons injured.

Michael Rose - Away to Conventry

Liam Smith - Away to Dundee United


Mark Kerr - KEEP. Strolled it at the beginning of the season - no coincidence we dropped off when he was out injured. Might struggle to get 30 games out of him but he should be a definite keep.

Ross Docherty - KEEP. Signed up for next season so he'll be here. Not sure he should be starting every game but he's good for the squad.

Andy Murdoch - KEEP. No doubt about it. Thankfully already signed up for next season.

Nicky Cadden - UNDECIDED. Rumours we have an option to get him permanently at the end of the season. Haven't seen enough of him to decide yet.

Craig McGuffie - KEEP. Seems to only play well when he comes off the bench. Good impact player but would loan him out for the first half of the season somewhere he'll actually get proper game time.

Robbie Crawford - KEEP. Infuriating at times and excellent at others. I'd keep him but my fucking god McCall play him at centre mid,

Declan McDaid - KEEP. Inconsistent but at this level I think 90% of wingers are - doubt we'd get better on our budget. 


Michael Moffat - KEEP. Big reason Shankland has scored so many goals - definite keep.

Craig Moore - PUNT. I think he's alright as a squad player but with Shankland going I think if he was here next season he'd be getting a lot more game time - and he hasn't shown this season that he's good enough to start at this level.

Alan Forrest - KEEP.  No question about it, was having his best season in an Ayr shirt until he got injured.

Calvin Miller - UNDECIDED. Wouldn't be against getting him back for next season but I probably haven't seen enough of him to say for sure. From what I have seen he has talent but not sure he tracks back enough.

Lawrence Shakland - Nae chance. I'd keep obvs but there isn't a hope in hell.

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A couple I'm on the fence about, the rest were pretty easy to decide. Difficult to tell given the season we've had along with the fact some of the new signings really haven't had that much game time. 



Fasan- Punt

Burgoyne- Keep

Mitchell- Punt



McGhee- Keep

Edge- 50/50

McKenna- Keep

Dixon- Keep

Robson- Keep

Brough- Punt



Paton- Punt

Osman- 50/50

McKee- Punt

Kidd- Punt

Petravicius- Keep

McShane- Keep

McLean- 50/50

Waddington- Keep

Keillor-Dunn- Keep



Rudden- Keep

Jarvis- Keep

Lavery- Punt

Todorov- Keep

O’Hara- Punt



Edited by NavyBlueArmy1876

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it's going to be another rebuilding job for us regardless of league. The vast majority will be away/back to parent clubs. I'm not sure I'd keep many of the current squad at all. Petravicius, Paton, McShane, Mutch, McLean only ones under contract for next season. If we go down you can see some of them pissing off aswell. Jury is out on McKinnon for me. If he keeps us up he will have done his job. But the style of football and tactics are quite frankly awful, Im not sure he's capable of building an attacking side even though he maintains we are.

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Ridgers - Keep. Still prone to the odd brain fart but a very decent keeper for our budget.
MacKay - Keep. Cheap back up for Ridgers.
Fon Williams - Punt. Nothing against the guy but we can't afford his wages and thankfully his contract runs out in the summer so he will be released. 


Tremarco - Keep. Getting on a bit now but provided he still isn't on Premiership level wages then we need him for his experience. Suspect next season will be his last season with us.
McHattie - Undecided. Ideally we would punt him and get someone else in but given how little cash Robbo has to play with it might be a case of keeping him simply for cheap cover at the back.
Donaldson - Keep. Under contract for another season and rumoured to have been offered a longer deal. Our best defender though still has an error in him most games.
McCart - Keep. Really impressed with him this season. Hope we can pick up some more big team cast offs if this is how they turn out.
McKay - Undecided. Similar to McHattie in a ideal world we'd send him off to the glue factory but given our restricted budget I don't know who we could get in to better him. If there is a better option out there then send him packing.
Rooney - Undecided. See Mckay and McHattie. His staunch dislike of County isn't enough for me. I can't believe I am saying this but he seems to be even thicker than Ross Tokely. Would love to upgrade but finances might dictate otherwise.


Trafford - Punt. Some decent performances in the last few weeks can't hide the fact that for two years he's been really poor. Under contract for another season so I suspect he will stay though we can surely do better than him.
Chalmers - Undecided. Still don't think he's that good but he fits into the team relatively well and is pretty versatile. Just seems to be a bit of a meh player a lot of the time.
Welsh - Keep. Arguably one of our players of the season. Protects the defence and brings the ball through to the more attack minded midfielders to do their thing. Hopefully he's back to the same form after his injury.
Walsh - Keep. Seems to be injured a fair bit but has turned in plenty of decent performances when he has featured and bagged some cracking goals as well.
Doran -  Keep. See Walsh.
Polworth - "Punt". He's off to Motherwell. Not really punting him just letting him go.
MacKay - Keep. Seems to be out of the picture for whatever reason, not even getting a few minutes off the bench now. Still very raw but he won't be costing much.
MacCauley - Undecided. Looks like a giant haddy at the moment. Not very skillful for a winger but perhaps a full pre season will get him up to speed.
McDonald - Keep. On loan from Hearts but looks a smashing prospect despite only being about 17 or 18. Would love him back next season.


Austin - Undecided. Shows flashes of potentially becoming a decent player for us but these are few and far between. Tends to perform better from the start alongside White but then White tends to look worse when playing with Austin. Bizarre. 
White - Keep. Misses some guilt edged chances during games but he has still weighed in with a healthy return of goals despite us not creating that many chances during matches. We need more options up front next season regardless of the league we are in.

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Stephen Dobbie and tbf Mikey Doyle has been ok. GN can take the rest with him far enough away to extinguish any memories of the direness we have endured. Iceland would be fine. Also keep Dougie the Doonhamer. Fastest mascot in Scotland and probably fastest person at Palmy. 

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4 hours ago, ArabAuslander said:

The worrying thing about this thread is how many players United actually have on the books

Not really.  Every on loan player, with the exception of any young lads, will be offloaded at the first opportunity.  So will Loemba and Rabitsch, both of whom I assume turned down the opportunity to go on loan (unless no one wanted them).

Mind you if the halfwit Mike Martin had punted Laszlo at the end of last season we would not have signed many of these no marks.


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