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Motherwell v Hamilton Academical

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46 minutes ago, velo army said:

Tremendous post.

Is he better than Faddy? I know they played in dissimilar positions, and Faddy didn't have the footballing brain. I'm just naturally cautious about hyping up a youngster.

I do find it amazing that Hastie is the in-demand one, when Turnbull is your main man right now.

In fairness, Turnbull was (probably) in demand. It just never got as far as "exclusives" in The Sun about who he was signing for.

He was linked with Southampton, Swansea and Leeds earlier in the season but he then signed his new deal and has been clear about wanting to stay at the club and develop before he considers anything else. He was in the press the other day giving Hastie advice, essentially saying he should do the same.


“He’s had very few games and he’s done so well. He’s scoring loads of goals and he’s set up a couple, so I don’t think you could ask for a better start.

“It’s up to him obviously, but what I would say to him is that he should stay here and try to get game-time, get 50 or 100 games under his belt and then see where the next step takes him. He’s still only a young boy. Obviously, [Rangers are] a big club, so it’s just up to him.

“I’ve been trying to tell him to stay, but I don’t know what is happening. It’s up to him, and I’m sure he’ll make the right decision.

Ultimately if someone wanted to come in now and try and get hold of Turnbull then with his new deal and the fact he seems pretty grounded and has essentially said he's no interest in moving at the moment I honestly think you'd be looking at a club record fee for him. In that respect I reckon bigger clubs will be happy just to monitor him over the next few seasons at Fir Park and I'd guess the "big" clubs he'll have in mind as his next move will be in England.

Hastie on the other hand is a punt at around £300k in Development comp. He's got all the attributes in terms of the physical side of the game, tons of potential and he's able to score goals too. Turnbull is by far the better footballer though but the main difference between the two in terms of being "in demand" is that unless he signs a new deal Hastie's available (relatively) on the cheap. I'm pretty sure Rangers wouldn't be showing any interest if his contract wasn't up in the summer.

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2 hours ago, velo army said:

Is he better than Faddy?

In my opinion, he will go on to be, and by quite a bit.

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4 hours ago, ONeils4Oyarder said:

I'm not sure how it can be construed as homophobic at all...maybe the 'Accie' in the photo was a lassie


Groups of - going out on a massive limb here- predominantly straight guys using gay sex as the punchline of a joke to mock other straight men is clearly homophobic. It comes with the obvious implication that there's something wrong or shameful with being gay.

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So, up-front disclaimer that i'm not comparing the actual players, but I enjoy watching Turnbull play in the same way that I enjoy watching Bergkamp, Iniesta, Xavi, Zidane etc.
What I mean by that is...aside from the obviously noticable things they do such as goals, assists etc, probably 90% of the most enjoyable things to watch them do is the way they do inconspicuous things in the middle of the park that don't lead to anything other than just moving the ball on. You could have a hugely enjoyable and entertaining highlights video of all those players that has no goals or assists or crosses in it. Just taking the ball and moving it on, but it's the way they do it. Turnbull has that same quality.
Theres a bit in yesterdays highlights package that came after a Hastie chance (I think), where Div receives the ball in the centre of the park and turns to play a further pass inside. Every single other player I've ever seen for Motherwell would have turned and moved it on to the next team-mate, but Turnbull does that thing that you see the type of players I mentioned above do without thinking, where they take a beat in their backlift, just the slightest of pauses, and thats enough for everything to move on a split second, which changes the angles, and he can play the ball the other side of the opposing player than it would have been if that hadnt happened.
I feel like im not explaining this very well so i'll come back and add in the video, but its sooooo insignificant in the grand scheme of things that it doesnt actually make any difference to anything at all. Insignificant to the point where it sounds like I'm talking shite. But it's so satisfying to watch, i've genuinely never seen that level of composure, awareness, instinct and just natural comfort with a football, at our level.
He's the best footballer that's ever played for our club already, and I don't take that lightly.
It's absolutely incredible to watch. And that's before you take his age and inexperience into account. I don't remember ever seeing anyone at Fir Park able to create so much time and space for themselves by simply dropping a shoulder or holding a pass for that split second.

The game seems to just move around him (and I don't mean in a Craig Clay way).

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On 3/12/2019 at 10:26, ONeils4Oyarder said:

To be totally honest (and having not seen the banner at the match), I thought it was fucking hilarious. A great effort by the youngsters.


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