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FifeSons v 1320Lichtie

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6 minutes ago, timlichtie said:

A deserved win for the home side. You know it’s not your day when you play against a gale in both halves!

We thoroughly deserved the win. The wind wasn't blowing either direction in the first half though. When it picked up with 20 mins left it was the perfect time for us. Coupled with the stupid red card it prevented any onslaught on our goal.

Ref and both linesmen were poor.

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4 hours ago, Ross Forbes said:

TEAM | Adam, Ballantyne, Carswell, Hutton, Gallagher, Forbes, R Barr, Ferguson, Armour, Thomas, C Barr. Subs - Brennan, Melingui, Russell, Paton, Thomson #sonsvlichties


That better not be a midfield duo of Hutton and Forbes again. That better not be Gallagher on the wing again. That is Grant Adam in goals again :(

I know less about football than Jim Duffy. Hutton and Forbes against McCord and Swankie - genius. They might not be the most mobile, but they can outmobile that duo.

That performance really had a bit of everything. I said beforehand I'd have been happy with a draw, but truth be told we looked a real class above a very good Arbroath team all over the park today. The players should take huge amounts of confidence from that - because few teams take anything from the Lichties, let alone three points and a clean sheet.

Adam having a bit of competition looks to be doing him the world of good. He's cutting out the really daft stuff from his game and, on the few occasions when he was called upon today, is starting to show signs of the guy Airdrie and Forfar fans rated. He was off his line really sharply to deny a break in the first-half, and made a smart late save from a one-on-one in the second-half. It was also great to see him going mental at the end. I seem to remember him doing that when we equalised against Arbroath back in August - it must be an ex-Forfar thing.

Considering they were up against the second best (fit) attacking player in the league (Lewis Vaughan is the best, Dom Thomas is the second best fwiw) both Ballantyne and Fergie were absolutely superb. Back at Gayfield in October Dick Campbell hooked Bobby Linn because of the job Cammy Ballantyne did on him, so to see him switch sides to play against Ballantyne after getting nothing out of Ferguson was pleasing. In the middle Mango was throwing himself at everything and taking no risks, whilst Carsy (100% the unsung hero of this season) again looked very comfortable in a position he hadn't played up until December.

Out wide Calum Gallagher (in a position where I still don't think he can play) put in an absolute power of work, both defensively and offensively. He might not be the greatest footballer in the world, but I'd guess you'd love to have him as your teammate. He doubled up on Linn a fair bit in the first half, and pressured the Arbroath defence into a few mistakes. On the opposite side Bobby Barr provided a really nice spark. He looked well up for the game today, and was always looking to drive forward from midfield. His pass from DT's goal was absolutely perfect. He could not have played a better ball. The weight, the pace, the direction. It had everything. 

(I won't mention the absolute sitter that he blazed over the bar).

Forbes and Hutton worked fine, though the game became seriously congested in the midfield with guys who are terrific ball players but can't run. Forbes was spraying passes around (and scoring his penalty) whilst Hutton actually showed glimpses of 'Big Game Kyle'. I don't know if it's a confidence thing or what, but sometimes he just tackles like a man possessed and he was in that mood from when we got the second goal onwards.

Up top I was surprised to see Ben Armour handed a start, but I'm very glad he was. It's a shame he didn't take the early chance he was presented with, because a goal would've topped off a real mature striker's performance. He held play up quite well for such a wee guy, used his body well to bully O'Brien and Little (imo) the best defensive partnership in the league, and generally looked a nuisance. Normally when we get forwards in on development loans they shirk the physical side of things, but you couldn't say that about him at all today.

Then there's Dom Thomas. 17 appearances, 10 goals. Chris Kane scored 10 in 20 games during his first loan spell by way of comparison.

I was a wee bit worried his missed chance against Raith might haunt him, but it looks like he used it to fire him up. That was the sort of drilled finish we expect when he gets a chance, and his knee slide was absolutely glorious. Didn't cause any divots, controlled to perfection and ended just before the line. Ticking all the boxes of a truly great knee slide.

As for Arbroath, it looked like one of those days where nothing goes right. Linn was quiet, Spence and Donnelly offered very little, the weather appeared to conspire against them, McCord and Swankie were subdued, and only really Danny Denholm looked a threat when he came on and blasted past Michael Paton and David Ferguson a few times. I suppose McKenna's two bookings in 16 minutes pretty much summed things up. The first one looked the right decision, but given the referee had a let a lot of similar fouls go, then I suppose it could be looked on as harsh. His second? I've no idea. It was way too far for me to tell, big Ryan McCord looked very lucky to escape a straight red for going for Bobby Barr though - as soon as I saw that I thought you'd be down to nine.

Obviously it was pretty much game over by that stage, but most of the Arbroath team looked like they'd totally chucked it. They stopped bothering to close down our players, took half-hearted swings at the ball and generally looked like they'd be quite happy to just wander off the park and take the 2-0 defeat. I wasn't expecting that at all from a side who have been so dominant this season.

Undefeated at home against the Champions, and on our best run of form since the glory days of Ian Murray. Hopefully we can keep it up until the end of the season - it's still very tight down at the bottom, and we're still far from safe.

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Shite today, dick got the tactics and line up wrong. 3 at the back didn’t work, gav and Pongo In the middle didn’t work and the front 2 of Donnelly and Spence were dreadful. Dumbarton deserved their win

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Crackin day. Havin the arbroath fans in the bar before added to the atmosphere in there. Well done to the young gang from Arbroath. You’ll be welcome back any time.

i agree with above that cammy b had a great game but difficult to find any fault in our team including grant Adam who 2 mad kick outs aside had his best 90. 

Another Thomas stunning finish.

just to add how bad we’re the conditions 

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Way weather turned out was pretty mental

Still never played anywhere near well enough. Thomson and Hamilton massive misses at the back. Hopefully Thomson is ok soon, we also need Wallace back asap.

Thought the trialist done well considering, although maybe just too pished to properly judge

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