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Mathematical Certainty for 2019-20

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Cove have taken the lead against East Kilbride, 1-0 today, and 3-1 overall. I guess Leith will be hoping for Berwick Rangers in the League Two playoffs.

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Bonnyrigg Rose are the 2018-19 EoS Champions after winning the round robin play-off amongst the Conference champions. Currently unlicensed, we don't know if they will be eligible for promotion to the Lowland League.

Elsehwere, Cove Rangers vs. Berwick Rangers will contest the SPFL Play-off. Most likely scenarios Cove Rangers win, then Sauchie Juniors will get a spot in the EoS Premier. Berwick Rangers win and both Sauchie and Leith Athletic will be in the EoS Premier.

Lowland League Relegation candidate: Whitehill Welfare

EoS Premier Division:

  1. Blackburn United
  2. Bo'ness United
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose (EoS Champion)
  4. Broxburn Athletic
  5. Camelon Juniors
  6. Crossgates Primrose
  7. Dunbar United
  8. Dundonald Bluebell
  9. Hill of Beath Hawthorn
  10. Jeanfield Swifts
  11. Linlithgow Rose
  12. Musselburgh Athletic
  13. Newtongrange Star
  14. Penicuik Athletic
  15. Tranent Juniors

Best 6th Place

1st:  Sauchie Juniors

2nd: Leith Athletic

3rd: Preston Athletic


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Hopefully Cove win the SPFL Play-off and Bonnyrigg get their SFA license to get promoted to the Lowland League. Could end up with something like this depending on how they choose the seeding of the Conferences and plenty of room for any supposed late applications.



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Will be interesting now to see if WW can still get relegated, or if they just keep their place. Today Berwick Rangers took one of the spots in the LL next season, and Leith have had to settle for tier 7.

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They can be if the rule on league numbers and pro/rel is interpreted to mean that Selkirk's place has to be filled by application as appears to be strongly implied. Under that scenario they would have been asked to put in an application which will be considered on its merits against the others that have been received. They will no doubt keep their place however probably with no explanation of the exact mechanics of how the LL Board arrived at their decision because the LL membership have already made it clear they want it that way. The rules will no doubt be redrafted at the LL AGM so that in future 15th would be safe in most scenarios when a club is expelled or resigns midseason and the vacancy would simply be filled by the EoS/SoS champions.

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