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The Official Airdrieonians Thread - 2019/20 and beyond

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Ruthless business releasing Crighton, was very much the right thing to do for both parties. Wouldn't really add much to the release list other than Ritchie and Carrick, I think we can do better but that remains to be seen.

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Absolutely gutted to see big Sean go, but I can understand the logic behind it. He’s been a superb servant to the club over his two spells and could still do a job for someone at this level.

Generally quite content with the release list and happy with those we are re-negotiating with. 

Team shaping up something like this...


Walker - Fordyce - Kerr - McCann

O’Reilly - Agnew - P.McKay - Robert

Gallagher - Carrick 

Obviously we have an additional CM in Ritchie and CF in Pyott and it may well be that the likes of Robert and McCann will move on, but it’s a decent core to build on.

Would be looking for a GK, FB, CB, Wx2, CMx2 and STx2 to ensure we have a bit of depth, but with quality as well.

Looking forward to the next bit of signing news!

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13 hours ago, Jack Reed said:

Only my opinion would get short off both, if we sign Jack  we have made wrong decision with manager, 

Not overly fussed if Paul stays and would be surprised if he got a better offer elsewhere, he's 100% a better defender than he is a midfield playmaker that he tried to play start of the season. The back 3 of him Kerr and Fordyce towards the end of the season proved pretty solid

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21 hours ago, Chapelhall chap said:

I agree with your post but did you mean Agnew, or have I missed something and we are getting the guy from East Kilbride?

Put it down to a senior moment - sorry  (threre,s always change at Agnews as the old ad used t say)

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Disappointed to see Dale leave, he’s consistently been a good player since be signed and of Stevie Findlay’s many signings he’s definitely been one of the best. As much as a lot of his goals were penalties he’s had a good goal return for a couple of season in a row now, we’ll need a good replacement or others to step up to replace that.

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Unfortunate. He was rarely caught being anonymous unlike a lot of the rest of the squad which is something we struggled with when playing poorly last season, Murray will need to look very hard to find a replacement.

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It’s no secret I’ve always been a huge fan of Dale’s. Hard-working but also a supremely talented footballer. Under-rated by fans of every club, including our own. I hope he gets himself a decent move. 

I said previously that I’d have liked us to bring in another decent striker alongside Dale and Gallagher. That’ll be at least two strikers we’ll need to shop for now, in a difficult market as we’ve found out the last couple of seasons. Can’t remember where I’d read it but I’m sure West Ham are looking to loan out a couple of strikers. 

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Guest Peter LaFleur
8 minutes ago, Mybitchunderprotest said:
33 minutes ago, Peter LaFleur said:
Is Leon McCann out of contract?

Contract up at the end of the month. Don't imagine the development fee for one and a half years will amount to much.

It wasn’t based on anything other than he is the best left back in the league and Falkirk need a left back. It would be ridiculous if we haven’t approached him. 

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1 hour ago, Passionate said:



what does mutually agreed mean, when someone is out of contract anyway..

To me:

How does £300 per week sound Dale?

Naw i want £400

Yer no that good, what about £320?

We'll  just leave it as i think i can get more elsewhere.

Ok, cheers.

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