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Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

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Guest Bob Mahelp

So hilariously bad that's impossible to be angry. I'm actually grateful that we're still in the cup.

On a day of highlights, special mention must go to our stunning tactics of making a beeline to Hampden by spending most of the game spreading hundreds of passes back and forward across the park, 30 or 40 yards from goal. That'll really terrify the team at the bottom of the 1st division.

After that, it's hard to choose from our magnificent crossing ability, or the skill in setting Stenhousemuir up for their equaliser (that was a real highlight), or Greg Stewart missing an open goal from 7 yards out.

We've certainly improved on the last time we played Stenny, so it's not all bad news.


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Guest Bob Mahelp

Just watched the goals again to see who was the to blame for the clusterf*ck that was their equaliser.

Ferguson's pass was horrific, and McLennan was standing still waiting for it. 

Joint blame I'm afraid. Arseholes.

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Ah the romance of the cup and a bonus away trip to.....Larbert. 

Stenny very good in defence, organised and hard working but we should have had more than enough to put it to bed.

The ball in for their goal was top drawer tho, so no fucking about next time. 

Revenge is a dish served best over 2 legs.

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