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Kyle Jacobs tried to pull back one of Ross County’s players who was running into the Queens half. The referee quite rightly played advantage. As the ball broke young Maguire took the rash challenge from another County player who was subsequently dismissed!

The referee pulled play back for the initial challenge as no advantage was gained and awarded the free kick to Ross County. Hope this helps m8?

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12 minutes ago, Fae_the_'briggs said:

I saw the tackle for which the Ross County player was rightly sent off for but what actually  happened in the lead-up to it that meant the game was  restarted with a free-kick awarded to Ross County on the halfway line?  I couldn't fathom that one out. 

Without having seen it, from what I understand Jacobs initially pulled the County player back, the County player then dived in to a 50/50 and got sent off, so the ref will have correctly pulled out it back for the initial foul for the free kick.

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9 hours ago, RiG said:

What's the "We know our manners" banner all about?

This apparently provoked discussion on Sportsound during the Ayr game after Christmas.

The young guy reporting was quite taken with it.  I could hear him behind me saying it was the most inoffensive banner he'd ever seen at a football match.  

I think people got in touch with the explanation about the song. 

Taken in isolation, I suppose it is a pretty baffling message.  I like it.

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I've just about plucked up the courage to read the thread now.  Can't disagree with any of it though.

Low was terrific for Queens with his passing and pressing.  He was very niggly and just on the correct side of the referee and got under the skin of a few players, I thought Mullin was going to head-butt him in the first half.  I first thought it was a routine ball over Watson's head for the opener, because Watson is very dodgy with long balls over his head.  Looking at the highlights it was a better pass than I thought, but even so I'd want a centre-back better able to stay goal-side of Dobbie there.  It seems like a long time ago that Nicky Low scored a belter of a FK for Aberdeen against County and his career hasn't progressed far since then... I would say that Dundee are missing that kind of performer at the moment.

Dobbie was class.  He and Dykes have such a good understanding.  Draper at right-centre-back was used as a training cone sometimes.   Bad tactics by County's managers to not protect the centre-backs better - Dykes and Dobbie were good enough in the previous fixture at Palmerston, it was mental that they were allowed 2v2 against a makeshift defence.   I think it was a tactic for Lindsay to pick up the deeper-lying of the forwards, which worked sometimes, but it left Queens with a spare man in midfield because Ross Stewart didn't have a scooby what he was doing other than winning headers at long balls.

Van der Weg, deary me.  He made me pine for Sean Kelly.  Grivosti did well enough at RB but when you have 442 vs 442 and you're the team playing on the front foot, you need the full-backs to be able to play.  VdW was involved in three unforced errors where the ball couldn't be kept in play, in the first half alone.  Compare and contrast with Scott Morrison and Gary Miller when County last won the league.

I wouldn't hang my hat on a few of those who played on Saturday to win the league.

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On Mullin, it was a definite red card, probably out of frustration for the number of professional fouls and niggles once the ball had gone.

Marshall only got forward to effect a couple of times before the red card, but he could handle Mullin on the outside no bother.  Mullin went inside a lot, which the team probably needed at times, but the team also needs a player to get to the goal line and he's the only one in the squad who has any chance of that.  Easy for me to say, but he needs to add a bit more of a trick to his game when he is aiming for the line, because he's not going to beat many full-backs for speed in the division above.

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