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19 for ? - The Official Thread

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Have decided that I’m going to give myself wee challenges each month this year. So far January has been, predictably, a sober month - no alcohol in January. Intent on seeing this through to February. I’ll certainly plan to drink less and more moderately through the rest of the year as I’m already dreading hangovers.
I’m not set on February’s ‘challenge’ (and will need ideas for the rest of the year) so feel free to offer suggestions. You say it, I’ll dae it!! Maybe.

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Going to give this a go this year- Will try and give monthly updates on my progress. 

1. Get fit & lose weight- I’m over weight at the moment and have a target weight I want to get to. 

2. Curtail my drinking- I don’t drink much (normally only Ayr away games) but when I do I tend to make an arse of it. I need to get a grip. 

3. Visit a new country/city- Going to New York in March so this should be easy enough 

4. Look into becoming an organ donor- Something I’ve thought about for a while. I have a few health problems which may complicate things but it’s worth enquiring about. 

5. Read at least ten books- I enjoy reading but rarely do it so I want to make an effort to do this 

6. Watch five new series’s on Netflix- Pretty self explanatory. 

7. Visit my gran more- I really need to make an effort to go out and visit my gran more. She only lives a fifteen minute bus ride away. 

8. Have a month free of drinking- Again pretty self explanatory. This should also massively help goal 1. 

9. Drink more water- I rarely drink water which isn’t particularly healthy. Make a point of drinking at least one bottle of water a day which isn’t great but is an improvement. 

10. Participate in a new hobby- Apart from going to work and the football I don’t really do much. Would like to start a hobby. 

11. Sort out sleeping pattern- I normally don’t go to bed till 12/half which can leave me feeling quite tired in the morning. Aim to be in bed for no later than 11pm on work nights (Sunday to Thursday).

12. Continue to do well in job- I recently got a job promotion at work so would like to continue to perform well at work. 

13. Sort out love life- At 23 a lot of my pals are starting to settle down. I’d like to do the same. Been on a few dates but nothing. 

14. Raise/Donate money to charity- Again pretty self explanatory. 

15. Do more around the house- I still stay with my mum and dad and really don’t do enough around this house. Need to do more to take the weight of my mum and dad shoulders.

16. Go watch Glasgow Wariors more- I was a semi regular at Firhill when they played there but since they moved to Scotsoun I can count the amount of times I’ve been. 

17. Do volunteering somewhere- Think the buzz you’d get from helping people would make this worthwhile. 

18. Give up Choclate/Chips for a month - Both my guilty pleasure. Would again help with No 1. 

19. Do Movember- Probably similar to No 14 but at this point I’m running out of answers. 

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Hard to believe but that's quarter of the year gone already. Who's up for a check-in?

There's a few of mine which I didn't anticipate doing until later in the year when things warm up but anyway... 

1. Weight - Down to 11 3/4 stone and stay there:
This one's a bit frustrating. I've been within 1/2 a pound of my goal weight several times but it always creeps back up. Started at 12 stone 7 lbs, currently a baw-hair under 12 stone.

2. Three backpack camping trips - even if they're only overnights. One of them to be in the (Colorado) winter months, Jan, Feb or Dec:
Still to do one. Missed the Jan/Feb window.

3. Self-Supported bike tour:
Later in the year.

4. Cycle up High Grade: (Big local hill)
Later in the year

5. Climb a 14'er: (Bigger local hill)
I didn't plan to do this until later in the year, which is just as well. We've had some serious avalanches this winter. 

6. No alcohol month - January:
Got this one. Yay.

7. Read 50 books:
Ahead of schedule with 16 so far.

8. Run 10K:
Ha, ha, ha, no. Not even started training.

9. Average 10,000 steps per day:
February was rough with a combination of bad weather, illness and business travel but I'm still comfortably ahead on this one.


How's everybody else doing?

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Ok, so 1/4 of the way through.

1 - Finish the professional qualification I've been working on over the past few months. I'm procrastinating over the extremely easy closing stages having done the extremely hard parts successfully. (Done: all wrapped up last week)

2 - Get a new job and move. I don't really like where I live. (Done: new job secured, moving in a few weeks)

3 - Read and give away/swap all the books on my bookshelf before I move. There are about ten or so unread. (Getting there: I'm going to read two more of them and don't actually fancy the others. Will be given away)

4 - I speak two foreign languages pretty well. I'd like to get better at both and learn Malay. (Making more time for this and doing ok.)

5 - Go to ten new fitba grounds. (3 so far this year. On track.)

6 - Wrap the fags. (Going ok. Reduced to only smoking when I drink now, and even avoided that last week. A bit to go, but not bad.)

7 - Walk 500 miles. This should be no bother, I walk a lot. With an 'l'. (Strolling it... Over 350 miles. Only counting 'going for a walk'. So walking to the supermarket or the bus etc doesn't count.)

8 - Run an official 10k. I've done longer races in the past and am pretty fit, but I've had a horrendous 2018 of injury and running a 10k would signify a nice recovery. (Nothing yet)

9 - Make more of an effort to keep in touch with pals through Skype etc. I'm always surprised how easy it is to actually keep in touch with people when I just make the slightest effort. Yet, I'm often very lazy about it. (Doing quite well with this.)

Decent so far, I think.

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