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19 for ? - The Official Thread

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 I thought I'd start this in plenty of time to allow people to have a good think about their list so people can post it up before New Year.


What do you have to do?

1. Create of list of how many aims or goals you wish to achieve by the end of 2019. It can be anything you want, but it's probably best to make them reasonably challenging so that completing one is a good effort.
2. Write a short explanation of each
3. Post them here
4. Track your progress!


Have a look at the pinned thread '18' for '18' if you want inspiration

For me i think i will go for 10 aims/goals.

Maybe 19 for 9 ?

This is for you 

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I'll give it a go but I'm not going to attempt 19 - that's a recipe for failure. 9 sounds a bit more my speed.

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1 - Finish the professional qualification I've been working on over the past few months. I'm procrastinating over the extremely easy closing stages having done the extremely hard parts successfully.

2 - Get a new job and move. I don't really like where I live. (new job secured, moving in a couple of months)

3 - Read and give away/swap all the books on my bookshelf before I move. There are about ten or so unread.

4 - I speak two foreign languages pretty well. I'd like to get better at both and learn Malay.

5 - Go to ten new fitba grounds.

6 - Wrap the fags.

7 - Walk 500 miles. This should be no bother, I walk a lot. With an 'l'.

8 - Run an official 10k. I've done longer races in the past and am pretty fit, but I've had a horrendous 2018 of injury and running a 10k would signify a nice recovery.

9 - Make more of an effort to keep in touch with pals through Skype etc. I'm always surprised how easy it is to actually keep in touch with people when I just make the slightest effort. Yet, I'm often very lazy about it.

Those will do. All achievable, I think, but would make for a satisfying and enjoyable year.

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I’m drafting some G. 3 seems a bit meagre so I’ll get at least 5 then do a big reveal for the fans...

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1.  Buy a house.  Time to stop handing money over to a landlord every month.  

2.  Commute by bike more often.  It's almost a 60km round trip so I'm easily put off when the weathers not great.  I'd be happy if I could average once a week.  Would work out about 3000km over the year.

3.  Up the running mileage.  Last couple of years haven't hit my aims.  I'd like to get back up over 1500km for the year.

4.  Do a long distance swimming race.  I stuck to relatively short stuff last year and don't think it paid off in terms of speed.  I'd like to do a 10k at some point and maybe a couple of 5ks.

5.  Podium age-group at the national aquathlon championship.  Racing as a veteran for the first time this year which should make me pretty competitive in that race.  After a bit of basic maths it turns out I'll not be in the veteran age-group this year.  It's still a decent aim though so I'll target finishing ahead of the top 3 vets.

6.  Do more strength and conditioning.  Core/yoga/plyo etc.  is something I had rarely been doing.  I started a bit toward the end of this year and felt a benefit.  I'd like to try and fit 3 or 4 quick sessions in a week if possible.

7.  Lose some weight.  Last year i wanted to lose 5kg and I probably added 5!  If i managed to cut out some of the shite I eat I'm sure it would fall off pretty quick.

8.  Do 10 hills.  Corbetts or Munros.  Squeezed these into the space of a week last year.  I'd rather spread them out so I get a few more days out this year.

9.  Get back in the game.  Following the end of a long term relationship a few years back I've had very little in the way of (meaningful) romantic relations.  It would be good to get a bit more serious about that kind of thing. 


Might add a couple more if any come to mind.


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Give this another go - though I only managed about three of 2018 goals :)

1) Submit (and hopefully get) my CILIP librarian chartership.

2) Complete the  Country Walking 1000 mile walking challenge.

3) Start getting some savings put aside so that I can cope with financial problems as they arise. 

4) Learn to drive and pass my test.

5) Swim 52 miles in the year.

6) Swim in 52 different places within the year - want to explore the lochs and visit some of the lido's that are out there.

7) Climb at  least 1 Munro (Slightly cheating as I have one planned in March).

8) Lose 17kg by next year. (I am a fat b*****d! but have lost a stone this year so want to keep going).

9 ) Arrange Cross-country skiing holiday for next Dec (been a wish for ages).

10) Being a bit of an anxious person I find getting out with other people hard so my last goal is to make sure I go walking and swimming with the groups I have found and get to know people a bit better. 

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All right, here's my list.

1. Weight - Down to 11 3/4 stone and stay there:
I'm currently about 12 1/2 stone, which at 5' 11'' isn't too heavy, but given that I have pipe cleaners for arms, and no visible muscle above the waist, it isn't healthy weight. My biggest problem is snacking and the bit-of-a chocolate addiction I've developed in the past few years. If I can do better there, my fighting weight of 11 3/4 stone should be achievable.

2. Three backpack camping trips - even if they're only overnights. One of them to be in the (Colorado) winter months, Jan, Feb or Dec:
I have all the gear and love it when I get out. Just don't do it nearly enough. 

3. Self-Supported bike tour:
As above. My touring bike glares at me every time I go out on one of the others.

4. Cycle up High Grade:
This won't mean much to most of you but it's a long-arse bitch of a climb from the Denver suburbs up into the foothills. 3,000 ft (914 m) altitude gain over 16 miles. It's something of a right of passage for local cyclists but I haven't done it yet and I'm getting old.

5. Climb a 14'er:
Another local one. Colorado has 53 mountains over 14,000 ft (4,267 m). I've been up a whopping two. Some are best left to experienced / skilled mountaineers but others are no more than a stiff hike. Because we usually get violent thunderstorms in the summer months, it's necessary to be at the top and back below tree-line by early afternoon, so that requires sleeping at the trail head and starting out before sun up.

6. No alcohol month - January:
I don't do this every year but when I have, it hasn't been a problem. More a case of breaking the habit than anything. It would be easier if I could find a soft drink I didn't detest though.

7. Read 50 books:
Sounds like a lot but I've achieved it comfortably the last 2 years, which is when I started tracking. I order recorded books from the library, download them to my phone then listen to them while walking the dogs and driving. Then, between paper books (also usually from the library) and my Kindle, an average of a book a week is manageable.

8. Run 10K:
Of everything on my list, this is probably going to be the biggest challenge. I've taken up running so many times in the last 15 years, it isn't funny. Yet, no matter how gently I take it, stretch, eat right and follow all the rules, I always, always, always seem to blow out a tendon, bugger up a knee, slip on the ice or something to put me back to square one. This time...this time, you hear?

9. Average 10,000 steps per day:
Again, managed this the last couple of years since I started tracking, despite 2 fairly serious illnesses and a lot of business travel. If the running takes off, that will help.


So here we go. Two days left to drink and eat myself stupid before the work begins. Happy new year everybody.

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1. Save £2000 - Should happen but will see as its gonna be a busy year
2. Visit a new football ground - Failed on this last year, need to get finger out

3. Weigh more than 10 stone - Failed this last year also, need to make this happen, just wanna be stronger and a bit more beef

4. Sample 3 new Restaurants - I liked to go and try new places 
5. Watch 30 films at Cinema - I have a cinema card and done this just this year, same again please

6. Watch 50 football games live or on Tv - I enjoy watching football, should be possible. Wanna sorta keep a track of how much i actually watch.

7.Learn to cook 3 meals - Im not a good cook/ or can be honest and say i let the wife do pretty much it all, nothing to be proud of so need to change my ways, confidence is key

8. Watch a full series of something on Tv with the wife - Dont spend enough time with each other so should be doing more

9. Win a league in a foreign country on FM - Im shite at this but keep on playing it, gotta come good at some point

10. Complete a computer game - Failed this last year also, just am shite at computer games, surely i can complete one game
11. Go to Doctors...... - Need to go and get signed up to get the snip, always find a way around it, reality is i need to do this, no wanting more kids.

That will do


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I like doing this. Most of mine will be health related... 

1. Finish chemotherapy. Hopefully have this done by February.

2. Put on weight. I’m just over 8 stone and would like to put on at least 1 stone.

3. Get physically fit again. Bed bound for months has destroyed all my muscles so need to get off my lazy arse!

4. Treat my husband to something special when I’m feeling better. He’s been through shit the last few months and deserves a treat.

5. Get a will sorted out. Need to do this ASAP.

6. Enjoy every minute I spend with the children.

7. Continue saving money, dunno why mind, you can’t take it with you :lol:

8. Spoil my parents. Mum has given up her job to be my carer so she deserves something really good.

9. Say screw you to this shitty cancer.

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9 hours ago, G_Man1985 said:

7.Learn to cook 3 meals - Im not a good cook/ or can be honest and say i let the wife do pretty much it all, nothing to be proud of so need to change my ways, confidence is key

Youtube is your pal for this one. I started watching Jamie Oliver etc videos on youtube a couple of years ago. I'm not fantastic, but I'm now at the point where I can cook something that is presentable if I have a pal over for dinner. Videos are great because you can actually see the stages rather than reading it in a book and you can work alongside it. Give it a shot.

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A few of these are carried over from 2018 (and probably 2017).

1. Finish the munros. I've got 57 left and surely to f**k I can get that lot done if I can stay injury free this year

2. 3000 self-propelled miles this year (combination of road/mountain bike, running, walking)

3. Lose 2 stone - I'm almost 15st now which is ridiculous.

4. Camp on the summit of A'Mhaighdean (one of the Fisherfield mountains in the north west). It's supposedly got one of the finest views in the country. 

5. Finish the Loch Ness Etape in under 4 hours. It's 65 miles and if I manage to get to a reasonable level of cycling fitness it should be achievable. 

6. Save £3000. I'm in a fairly decent paying job now so this should be possible. I hope. 

7. Run a 10K. I'd given up running after my knee op in 2016, but gave it another go a couple of weeks back and my knee didn't explode, so i'll try to get back into it again

8. Take the mountain bike to a mountain summit

9. Explore some of the more remote areas of the highlands and stay in a couple of bothies

10. Stop smoking. I say this every year :lol:

11. Do an epic cross-country mountain bike route

12. Cycle at least one of the UK's top 100 cycle climbs

13. Read a couple of new books

14. Do the "Ride to the Sun" event. I fancied this last year but never really got round to it. 

15. Go to the football with my old man

16. Get back into golf

17. Get a decent car instead of my ongoing series of utter shitboxes

18. Try to get 2 or 3 holidays this year, even if they're short breaks

19. Get photo shortlisted in a national landscape photo competition 


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Cheers, @G_Man1985

1. Plug away in  my new job. I'm 6 months in, it's a pretty easy gig with a nice bunch of colleagues. The 3-hours + commuting every day ain't great, I may ask to work one day from home to lighten that load.

2. Encourage/nag my son to reply to me in English.  When he currently speaks English, it's patchy and in an exaggerated French accent. That won't do.

3. Keep up my creative writing. I made a simple Wordpress site to publish little pieces of micro-fiction, I'll try and publish 20 things during the year.

4. Make more of an effort to keep in contact with old friends (I have this every year). Staggeringly (to me, and presumably to them), two acquaintances died in recent months. Makes you think.

5. Run 500k in the year. I doubt I've run over 200km in any previous year.

6. Go skiing with the kids three times. There's no snow in the resort nearest us just now, hopefully won't be long...

7. Climb two mountains. I conquered a 3,000m+ beast in a day-long hike last year, knackering but great.

8. Go to see Juventus. Turin's only a 3-hour drive away and they're the wee man's favourite team. 


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1.) Start driving lessons - Have put this in my last three or four, about time I put it as my top priority. 

2.) Eat vegan for a month - Not out of any moral obligation, just forces me to make and eat new things and stop eating so much shite. Gave extra love and attention to last night's steak pie with a view to starting this today.

3.) Do more exercise - Work five minutes from my house and sit at a desk for five days out the week, so I'm in danger of being far too sedentary. Need to start leaving a bag in work so I can head to the gym right after.

4.) Lose 2 stone - I'm just under 14 st just now, 12 is about natural for me.

5.) Save £3000 - Saved about this much in around 6 months last year so should be easy enough.

6.) Improve in my job - There are particular areas where my knowledge could be better, even making some new contacts should help too and there's enough opportunities to do so. 

7.) Go out more - I'm starting to automatically make excuses whenever I'm asked to do something, would do no harm to say yes a bit more.

8.) Get back in touch with old mates - Started seeing a couple of mates from school again more often last year. Have the odd message with others now and again but would be good to get out for a pint with some of them.

9.) Clear out all my old shite - Piles of clothes that I don't wear and never will filling up my wardrobes and cupboards, need to make some room for new stuff.

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1. Begin learning to drive. Was 30 last year and it’s a bit of a joke that I haven’t done any real lessons since I was 18.

2. Continue to go to the gym and eat healthy. Joined the gym last year and went quite a lot towards the end of the year, but fell away a bit lately, so want to keep going at night when I don’t have my kids.

3. Do not have a sick day in work all year. Was off a few times last year for various reasons, don’t want to be off anymore!

4. Try and save money. Say it every year but I want to sort out my finances or just make sure I’m not potless the week before payday as I usually am.

5. Read more books. Got loads of books, and used to pick up a book all the time, whether at night or commuting to work, but hardly do it anymore.

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1. Sort out my career in order to settle down- in a fairly well paid job at the moment but they're easiest ways to make money than pushing spanners
2. Kind of related to number 1, possibly start my own business or at least explore the idea.
3. Buy a house or have enough money between me and the girlfriend so that it can be done early 2020
4. Go to a new stadium, should be achievable with us playing Montrose at Links again.
5. Go at least 2 holidays, hopefully get another city in there
6. Be more responsible with my money (meal deals are not necessities)
7. Try to see friends more than I have done
8. Eat a bit healthier, I'm quite adventurous with my cooking when I do cook but I don't do it anywhere near enough.
9. Stop biting nails, I managed this a few times in 2018 but I always slipped up and went back to start not after too long, it's a horrible having and certainly doesn't appear well.

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Going to give this a go this year- Will try and give monthly updates on my progress. 

  1. Get fit and lose weight 
  2. Curtail my drinking
  3. Visit a new City/Country
  4. Look into becoming an organ donor
  5. Read at least 10 books
  6. Watch 5 new box sets.
  7. Visit my gran more 
  8. Have a month free drinking 
  9. Drink more water 
  10. Participate in a new hobby 
  11. Sort out sleeping pattern 
  12. Continue to do well in my job 
  13. Sort out love life
  14. Raise money/Donate a reasonable amount of money to Charity 
  15. Do more around the house 
  16. Get back into going to the rugby (Glasgow warriors) and Hockey (Glasgow Clan)
  17. Doing volunteering somewhere 
  18. Give up chocolate and crisps for a full month. 
  19. Do Movember

I’ll edit this post and give more details when I have a bit more time. 

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