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How badly does beith juniors treat their fans

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Can't comment on the above claimed event. I rarely use the half time hospitality as I am not an executive member. Beith have a hugely enthusiastic,  committed small band of a committee members but have a small club house/hall which can only hold so many people. So in games which attract large crowds of say over 1000, they do try and balance  visiting committees, sponsors and exec members entry into the venue! I guess every club would be the same! Beith are endeavoring to upgrade their facilities at.this time...so maybe in the future they will be able to accommodate more people! Possibly iphone supports a team which has not had the success of the likes of Beith or crowds of over 1000?

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On 04/12/2018 at 18:41, mabawmarulez said:


Just heard today that 2 or 3 elderly long term fans and executive club members were turned away at half time while people who you will be lucky to see at bellsdale once a year welcomed with open arms am I making a mountain out of a molehill


sounds like something Beith would do.......

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