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Just now, Mr. Brightside said:

Why though? Magnussen was first on them and they didn't work, Alonso and Ocon then went on them and they didn't work. Then Mick too. It was plain as day that they weren't working yet they put them on. Typical clown show stuff.

Their car generally works well on any tyre, doesn't have trouble either overheating them or getting heat into them, so it's not that much of a stretch for them to think that they would still have been ok even if some other cars were struggling on them.

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10th to 1st, I think that's the second best climb at this circuit up for a win from a starting position. Mansell in 1989 in a Ferrari 12th to 1st, did his overtaking on track.

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1 minute ago, Sarto Mutiny said:

It doesn't get said often enough, but Max Verstappen is just brilliant. Imagine the w**k from Crofty if Lewis had won from 10th on the grid

The absolute consistency that Verstappen shows is almost unmatched as well. 

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