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die hard doonhamer

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4 hours ago, virginton said:

lol wut 

He could have tried braking and actually taking the corner - instead of taking the airfield-sized runoff area and just so managing to end 1.5 seconds in front again. He chose not to do so.

The amount of people I've seen claiming that Lewis was right to just take to the runoff and floor it as he was forcibly bundled off the track is unreal.  What he should have done is brake when he saw max coming in hot , take a nice wide line in and wave as he passes while max is offline with a much slower exit speed.  Like how racers would have to do it when faced with a gravel trap or barrier on the outside of a corner.  Far too easy for drivers now to just keep a move going far too deep into a corner knowing at the end they can just bail out if it doesn't go their way .

If the Lewis fanboys are going on about consistency then he should have been DQ'd for not completing the chicane just like Senna in '89 after being rammed by Prost . 


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I've really enjoyed the Mercedes salty meltdown. 

I want Hamilton back and hungry again though. Verstappen is just so far ahead of the rest of the field that I worry for a bit of a whitewash if he's just left unchallenged. 

I'm not convinced Russell is a worthy replacement as a title contender. Could be wrong, but I think he'll get found out. He's no Lando or Sainz. 

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12 hours ago, Mark Connolly said:

Mercedes showing some class by withdrawing the appeal.






While also having the team principal suggesting that their driver might have to retire as he is so heartbroken, and the team principal’s wife weighing in that she has been left sickened by the incident.


Toto logging into Suzy's twitter for sure. 

Only thing that would top this is Mick Schumacher ramming him off at Silverstone next season. Lost points that cost him the title. 

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On 16/12/2021 at 19:40, flyingscot said:

There's no DRS for 2 laps and he 'reduced the gap' to 1 second at the end of the lap. The issue for me was that it was a position gained as I think Verstappen got ahead legitimately, Hamilton stops turning left, turns right, drives across the run off and shoots off to a greater advantage.

A baffling call by the stewards and one that should have been punished. Hamilton's 'he pushed me off track' was rubbish talk to be honest- he knew making the turn put him at risk of being passed by Perez, held up for a few laps as Verstappen got down the road a bit.

I wonder if that is why Verstappen took the opportunity to pass at turn 5 on the final lap despite then having to defend 2 DRS zones.

Not that he'd know it on lap 1, but Hamilton clearly had enough pace to beat Verstappen all day long.

Watching him being "forced off" the track, flooring it before rejoining, and having the race director claim he'd given all advantage gained back by the end of lap 1 was utterly bemusing. He went from 2nd to over a second in front - he gave nothing back 😂

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Sad to see Bernie has lost his edge in retirement. Hamilton doesn't deserve a knighthood , Toto deserves an Oscar for his last lap hysterics , Mercedes are bad losers , exactly the right thing happened in Abu Dhabi. Feel he's kinda sitting on the fence here 🤣

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16 minutes ago, ajwffc said:

yep still crying 


The sheer irony of that alleged Prost quote, a man who had to rely on the influence of Jean-Marie Balestre the stewards to DQ Senna in Japan 1989 in order to win one of his World Championships 😂

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1 hour ago, V.Aye.R said:

Excellent, although do we know if he followed anyone previously? 

i think he was following 72 accounts with some of them being the  other drivers, his dog, family members  and other celebs. He also unfollowed the official F1 page about a week ago 

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Williams' agreement with Precision Hydration ended today, freeing up space for a new 'Energy Drinks' partner. Rich Energy anyone?

Only 51 days to go until Barcelona testing. Ferrari (lauded to be the front runner in new development) unveil their cars between 16th & 18th Feb. I can't wait.

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