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Free-scoring Rangers vs Joe Lewis. 5th December

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When was the last time we beat Rangers* twice in Glasgow, in a season?

(Including the dead one)

I'm trying to remember if I can remember Aberdeen winning in Glasgow prior to the midweek game a couple of seasons back and I don't think I can. In my entire life as a Dons fan I've been old enough to be aware of three wins against Rangers in Glasgow and two of them have occurred in only a few weeks. Thanks Stevie.
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3 hours ago, bennett said:

You do know that your own team never done too well either last night?



But but what about them, 80 red dots in a row on my account, how long did that take ya absolute cretin:lol: hurting like f**k, delicious.. 

Why do people call you Vicky?

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49 minutes ago, EdTheDuck said:

The BBC in Scotland asking if Morelos should have been sent off last night

No mention of Cosgrove

Why am I not even a little surprised?


The more the pudgy faced wee Colombian’s red card is seen the better imo.

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On 05/12/2018 at 00:39, The_Kincardine said:

Silly.  Morelos is in a fine vein of form with goals in 7 (seven) consecutive league matches whereas McKenna is little more than a makeweight in an Aberdeen side that ships goals for fun in the league.

Solid post on page 1

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On 12/6/2018 at 21:58, jagfox99 said:

Absolutely broken. Delicious!

Small Man Syndrome? Short Man Syndrome? One of them, a version of Napoleon Complex

 life expectancy almost negligible, social standing even negligibler, grip on reality faint

Needs watching anyway

eta I just noticed his username is knighthawk - this must be a parody account, surely?  That's too much of a gift to rhyming slang

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