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Killie v Livi

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Very hard opposition, although their away form is markedly poorer than their home results - 1 win in 6, and that was at Paisley. 

A win and a favour from Motherwell and we're going to Parkhead above them next Saturday....

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Really is a must win if we are to get back into the title race :P

Seriously though, Killie are on fire, what a job Steve Clarke is doing, got to take my hat off, it really good to see and a run every team aspire to. 

This will be as tough as going to Ibrox or Parkhead, but there is absolutely no reason we can’t pick something up. 

The way we battle and fight for everything gives us a chance, we may not have the most technically gifted team but we play as a team and put our bodies on the line, and that gives us a chance in every game we go into. 

Be interesting to see how we start in this one, with 3 games in a week on these plastic pitches I’m surprised if we will be able to put a team out on Saturday, they are so dangerous. 

Menga back available, will we mix it up at the top of the pitch again ? 

Looking forward to my trip to rugby park, been a long time.

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I think this will be a close match. Livi play on a similar surface to us and are well organised.

Given we are at home, with our current form I’ll got for 1-0 to Killie in about the 80th min, a ricochet off big Kirk’s coupon after an attempted clearance from Halkett. Holt to then be split asunder by the dualling aspects of his personality, the manager who wants to win v’s the Killie diehard. Only 1 power cut. Just need to find a bookie to see what odds I can get on that.

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Menga back is a huge lift for us...also a chance of Hardie by the sounds of it. Would be harsh to drop Hamilton after he did so well against motherwell though. If we can keep Jones and Stewart at bay I think we'll do ok. Brophy looks decent but think our defence can cope with him, especially in the air. 0-0 would do me

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I don’t think the newbys need worry about an arial threat from the Juggernaut. It’s the PSG, Barca, Juve style excellence on the deck that gets the job done. You boys will easily stay up in your debut season, and have shown there’s more than silky soccer gets results- but the form team of the #TB4 away is a step too far for  almost all pretenders these days.  

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17 hours ago, Fide said:

Killie v Special Agent Holt.

How do we think this will pan out? Good as Livi are this season, the blue and white galacticos are mesmerising.

3 -1 to the mighty.

I actually think Bachmann will be 4 games played & 4 clean sheets after this one......

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15 hours ago, EdinburghLivi said:

If our Accies friends can go there and get a result, I see no reason why we can't.

I would put Menga back in for this one as I think he will cause problems against a less than 100% Killie defence.

Do you mean if Findlay is missing?

Scott Boyd is more than capable of slotting into our defence as he has done all season, for either KB or SF, when needed.

Its our 2 fullbacks Livi need to worry about, SOD & Taylor, when they bomb forward.....

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