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Warriors v Bairns (Scot Cup)


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Just watching the Falkirk TV highlights...first belly laugh is before we even start pumping you, when the commentator describes the build up to the first goal as “Dennon Lewis so unlucky the first shot was a good one, cleared off the line”!!! 


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When you see the highlights lets face it we couldve been playing dukla pumpherston yesterday and we'd have lost.  We were never going to win a game defending that badly. Quite amazing that we actually managed to some how score twice considering how dire a performance we put in. 

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Worrying performance imo against the worst team in League One. Prior to Saturday they’d only managed 12 goals in 14 league games. Seems like they have motivational issues.
For us, were talking about playoffs next season but we’d be up against higher quality sides in possibly Arbroath or Raith. Our January signings need to be very good to get us through those games,,,,

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You actually bet real money on that rabble winning a game!

Probably should steer clear of the bookies from now on.

I know it was a shocking decision on my behalf! Falkirk being a ft championship side who had won their last 2 games getting pumped from a team struggling in league 1 was clearly an obvious banana skin. Just my regular donation to local bookies tbf


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