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Warriors v Bairns (Scot Cup)


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7 minutes ago, Shodwall cat said:

Mckinnon has no excuse for this pish im afraid. We may no have a great squad but we still shouldnt be getting pumped by stenny .

It has nothing to do with Mackinnon. He's not the man who's left us with an unbalanced squad full of dudds.

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One of the most embarrassing performances I’ve seen. Nae idea how we can go from our performances from the last 4 or 5 games to that utter shite.

First well done to Stenny. They were comfortably the better team and thoroughly deserved the win. 4-2 flattered us and it could’ve been a lot more. Mark McGuigan was the best player on the park today imo. Bodied Muirhead all game long and deserved his goal at the end

Really unsure where to start with our shiteness. After a pish first half we done absolutely nothing in that second half. Can’t remember any chances or shots on target, no pressure and no urgency to get back into the game. There was just an acceptance from the players as soon as the 3rd goal went in we were beat.

That ‘keeper is needing punted ASAP. Can’t deal with cross balls, parries everything back into the danger area and holy f**k his kicking. Last goal came from one of his pathetic kick outs.

We’ve been really strong defensively recently and then with Harrison being out and Muirhead coming back in we went to pieces and couldn’t defend all day. Muirhead had me seething with the amount of stupid needless fouls he gives away. Hopefully Mark McGuigan leaves him in his back pocket.

I’ve already made my feelings clear earlier about Dennon Lewis but I just want to say again what a pathetic excuse of a footballer he is. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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49 minutes ago, EdiBairn said:

It has nothing to do with Mackinnon. He's not the man who's left us with an unbalanced squad full of dudds.

This is stenny we're talking about here. Mckinnon shouldve been able to stick a team out on the park today that wouldnt ship 4 goals to that dross.  No excuses today was unacceptable.

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