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Big Derby at weekend

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2 minutes ago, dingdong1929 said:

But my biggest bet is that Ross County will give Caley a pure bursting because  Caley are in our shadow  and are going to go bust because the whole club has Caley AIDS. 
Heres Donald Trump sprinkling Caley AIDS  around the Longman:

What an idiotic post.


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5 hours ago, Granny Danger said:

What an idiotic post.



No shit. Same with the previous two.

ETA: To be fair, you probably dont see much of the tedious 'banter' between the clubs.
Will leave  the sarcasm sign up for other white settlers in the thread though (white settlers = more great highland banter)

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14 minutes ago, Sherrif John Bunnell said:

Sophia has had almost a week to come up with her 'rich football club chairman dies in a helicopter crash, lol' patter and that is the best she can manage. Sad.


Factually and coherently incorrect, but I'll forgive you for being so slow on the uptake.


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18 hours ago, dingdong1929 said:

Acronym Includes "Dingdong Staggieshite" ?


ddss is kinda cute.

Polworth v Vigurs should be great fun tomorrow.  If there are enough CBs fit to allow Draper into midfield, however, I'd invert it and stick Draper against Polworth and allow Vigurs to wind up the others further ahead.

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1 hour ago, TheScarf said:

This one's really capturing the imagination as usual.

Suspect everyone is being cautious until around 16:53 on Saturday at which point there will be a load of goading.

ETA: I see Kevin Clancy is the referee for this one.

Edited by RiG
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On 01/11/2018 at 14:48, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

What I want to know is who is going to pay for this at the Away End ?


decontamination-71-728 (2).jpg

As the leader of the free world said ... We are going to build for a Decon Tent for County and get the Royster to pay for it. :thumsup2

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