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Laura: ‘Here’s the problem Boris. Marshall was OK, but Mulgrew kept dropping too deep and inviting pressure. O’Donnell was just utter pish, not his fault, but who else was there? Robertson just didn’t play like he does at Liverpool, the midfield was missing after the opening goal. McGinn tried hard, but surely Christie should have been in from the start. Fraser’s crosses were gash, McBurnie is a big haddie, and Clarke’s subsitutions were ineffective. Forrest has been crap in his last few games, Kenny McLean didn’t offer much, and McTominay is only there because he plays for Man U.... So, what do you do against the Belgians? Boris? Hello, Boris?’



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1 hour ago, welshbairn said:


"Miss, miss, is it true that after Brexit, everyone born in Britain can stay, like all the kids in our class here, but anyone born overseas (BJ is from New York), like that pasty big twat in the red tie, will be getting kicked out?". 


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