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On 14/08/2022 at 11:12, tamthebam said:

The two scoreboards I remember from the late 80s were at Cappielow and Rugby Park. I think the Cappielow one is still there, now used as an advertising hoarding although a Ton fan can confirm

The large electronic scoreboard at Meadowbank Stadium also presented the scores as A 1-1, B 2-0 etc which annoyed those who didn't buy a programme 

Spot on regarding Cappielow. There’s a clock and the rest is advertising 

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On 23/08/2022 at 19:39, Hoose Rice said:

Fair enough personally find it upbeat and funny myself. :) 

Aye, put me down as another BTN fan, it can depend on who the guests are mind you. Des Clarke is always very sharp with his responses though.

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22 hours ago, Chefki Kuqi said:

Craigan fairly unprompted - in an almost brave manner - stating he's never had tea or coffee in his life. Mildly entertaining radio that.  

I am the same, never had tea or coffee. Never seen the attraction. Also like Craigan I would never have a glass of milk

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I've been on this rant before, but the tea drunk in the UK is absolute garbage. The whisky equivalent would be the stuff you get in plastic sachets in countries like Ghana.

You really don't need to spend much at all to be drinking the tea version of Lagavulin 16 each day. Night and day from the shite people regularly drown in milk and sugar.

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Tea and coffee aren't great. Not a fan, so don't drink them. Strangely I do really like the smell of coffee and I enjoy the smell of the tea aisle in supermarkets, but as drinks they can bolt. Same applies to all hot drinks.

Had a glass of milk for the first time in ages last night.

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