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Brechin City v Dumbarton

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Aitken will have a plan in his mind and I don't think we will see Little at CB. Given how much pressure we managed to put on Arbroath at the end last week I don't think it is that unusual if we line up with 3 at the back. We have a limited squad and I'd rather play to their strengths than shoehorn players in to wrong/unnatural positions and limp our way through. 

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1 hour ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:
1 hour ago, CITY1974 said:
God you Sons fans are getting in a pickle over nothing .You will genuinely be shocked at how bad we now are even after last season's lows 

We're not really getting in a pickle but we have 2 fit defenders. It's more of a 'what the f**k is he going to do' type scenario.

I see !  So your there for the taking ? 

Similar scenario to your first game at our place last year you had a wee crisis and were down to barebones it was our first real chance of a win ( on paper ) and we defended the whole fucking game . Then Willie D scored an OG in 90 mins . 

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3 hours ago, DumbartonTheSons said:

If it's correct, I presume Irvine would be a trialist that's 'digging us out of a hole' rather than one who's potentially signing?

I'd guess if we had the funds we would be looking to sign him... but I doubt we do have the budget so yeah... probably just to help us out.

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