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Today's scores 11.08.18


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A bit surprised at that result, Largs were a decent side last couple of seasons, with chizzy being such a young manager and with so many clubs in the Kilmarnock area hoovering up the players, didn't think onthank would amount to much this season, Good start from them, fair play to them

Took this game in today. Onthank played Largs off the park today. Was surprised judging by the pre-season scores. Could’ve and should’ve been more. Onthank missed a pen to make it 4-0 and Onthank number 10 missed absolute sitter in the 2nd half to make it 5-1. Noticed John Mason back in middle for Onthank. Experienced player. One game in though long season ahead
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To be fair catrine new farm craigie and mossblown possibly bee spoken about more.

Were you there yesterday bark?

Aye because the thread is about football results not about whatever HT done about 3 year ago lol, no but I heard it wasn’t best the 2 teams have played, heard new farms where 2 wonder strikes and a mistake from keeper for the 3rd
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Steins 1 southside 3. 

Faught we had the points in the bag against a pour southside team in my opinion that was until they braught on 2 quality players and within 5 mins both of them linked up and next thing we knew it was 1all. Then moments later ther same 2 players linked up again and made it 2.1 the presence of these players lifted the spirits and southside ran out 3.1 winners   


All the best southside 

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