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I was on LinkedIn the other day cause it was one of those work anniversary things (who even gives a f**k apart from LinkedIn) and a boy I used to work with from Australia had messaged me.

Anyway, i’ve found a new use for it. It’s good for finding out which contractors have recently gone bust.

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Seen one the other day on Linkedin  where a 2nd connection of someone i know decided to berate someone.on linkedin He was looking for instructors and had asked a woman if she was available to which she asked the rate and said it was less than what she expected and would accept if he was willing to increase the rate.  He then decided to say the greed of her for not willing to accept the task for the money he was paying and that he found someone to do it at wage he was paying and that she is sat at home not earning and thats what you get for being greedy for wage demands (way to go for being a dick about things).


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What a total bell-end. 


And don't get me started on "love helping my clients". Not sure what the rest of the sentence says ... probably something like "I really enjoy getting my paperwork done".

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