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What is the point of Labour


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40 minutes ago, Salt n Vinegar said:

Interesting stuff coming out from Sarwar.

He bangs on about the politics of us versus them and the politics of division when discussing the SNP, apparently ignoring the pretty obvious point that he is indulging in exactly the same approach to the decades old politics of right v left, boss v worker and public v private sector so beloved of Labour and the Tories. 

Unless of course he is in some way suggesting that in his view Labour aren't fundamentally opposed to the Tories - no us versus them and no politics of division for him - and you can't slip a piece of paper between the Labour and Tory parties and their attitudes to Scotland. No, surely not. 

us v them and division - pitting family member against family member - only applies when discussing changes to the constitution. 

Much in the same way that Scottish self determination is toxic nationalism whereas putting the UK and the union in front of everything else is healthy patriotism. 

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12 hours ago, Jedi said:

You asked for sources...so not sure how that is simply 'cutting and pasting'. Of course, £5 billion energy profits (for the companies) will be over a period of time, nobody has suggested otherwise (the last source which you didn't reach references this). Every report...(these are just a selection) there are many more refers to the Scottish govt paying £700 million of public money to the energy giants, to grant them the wind farm projects off the north coast. I assume that you are comfortable with BP, Shell et al, making profits from such ventures, with that money not being re-invested into the Scottish economy. What is the point of the Scottish Investment Bank much trumpeted by the govt, if not to ensure that publically owned companies get the tender and start ups for such large projects rather than multinationals?

Do you need references for Andrew Wilson's Growth Commission Report or have you read that?

I read those articles. The last one is paywalled and is the only reference to the government losing bns. Care to shate that content? 

The rest talk about £700m being paid to the government, not by it, so you'll understand if i don't want to take your word as gospel. 


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36 minutes ago, williemillersmoustache said:

Bollocks. It wouldn't be the SNP preventing a Labour government it would be Labour, preventing a Labour government. 

I think you’ve maybe misread my post.

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14 minutes ago, williemillersmoustache said:

I think you're right. A thousand pardons sir. 

No problem.

The polls just now suggest a healthy majority for Labour next time around but two years is a long time in politics and the SNP holding the balance of power is still a very possible scenario.

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14 hours ago, Jedi said:

So, given that you helped to negotiate the deal, can you list the public stakeholders in the project?

Haha....I absolutely never said I negotiated the deal. The licences were only awarded in January and these ScotWind windfarms are likely to be in the water from 2028 onwards hopefully.  No public stakeholders on the specific TOTAL Energies projects but huge opprotunities for the supply chain both on mainland Scotland and at Flota, Orkney where they plan to produce hydrogen from the electricity generated from their West of Orkney site.


You still believe the Scottish Government are payin £700m for the ScotWind licences?  If so maybe best to take yourself away from this discussion as you clearly do not understand it.

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5 hours ago, Clown Job said:


Shite like this is why Labour do so badly in Scotland these days. The arrogant, sneering, moronic contempt they hold the Scottish people and electorate in is evident in everything they say and do.

This scumbag has just written off at least half of the voting population, probably more (as not every no voter despises democracy like Labour).

I hope the democracy denying c**t Labour party die. Useless, Tory lite arseholes.

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25 minutes ago, williemillersmoustache said:


GIF by Giphy QA


More arrogance and just contempt for Scottish people from Labour. The SNP for some reason have annihilated the brains of Labour, and they seem constantly furiois at Scotland that we just won't roll over and do what they want.

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7 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

More arrogance and just contempt for Scottish people from Labour. The SNP for some reason have annihilated the brains of Labour, and they seem constantly furiois at Scotland that we just won't roll over and do what they want.

Well we really should be very impressed.  

All it has taken for Labour to become electable is for the tories to starve the vulnerable and poor, destroy public services, bungle the greatest public health crisis in 100 years, killing 200,000 while robbing us fucking blind and partying in Number 10 like Bluto and Flounder in Animal House while many of us couldn't say goodbye to our nearest and dearest and as a couple de grace detonate the economy. Then Keir can rob our resources, which 8 years ago he told us had run out, to solve England's economic disaster and tell Scotland to go f**k itself. 

I mean, brilliant work Keith. You visionary.  

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2 minutes ago, Clown Job said:

It’s wild how English politicians can’t just admit Brexit doesn’t work and it was a mistake 

They’re terrified of admitting the electorate was conned by spivs and chancers. Apparently, it’s ok to call the opposition bad names (just not in the House of Commons, where free speech prevents it) - you just can’t acknowledge that the charlatans have actually succeeded in their charlatanism. Bizarre.

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