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Early league predictions

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On 6/3/2018 at 20:43, Rovers1992/1993 said:

The fact that we don’t even have 11 players signed, I’m suggesting we’ll finish 9th with Dumbarton below us as they’re the only side with less players signed than ourselves.


Edit. I forgot about the 12 points we’ll be taking from East Fife so 8th May be a shout.


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East Fife 







I don't know anything about any of the clubs players even our own. At a guess, it'll be tight with 12 points separating top to bottom

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I may as well have a go at this and have a laugh when it goes badly wrong.

1. Raith Rovers

2. Dumbarton

3. Airdrie

4. Arbroath

5. Brechin City

6. East Fife

7. Montrose

8. Stenhousemuir 

9. Stranraer

10. Forfar Athletic

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Full time training should probably be the difference maker for Raith.

I reckon it'll be between us, Brechin and Arbroath for the 3 play-off places. We've made some cracking signings so far but it depends on how they gel and how guys like Loy and Forbes adapt to part time football at league 1 level.

I'll go for us finishing 3rd, splitting the 2 Angus teams. 

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1, Dumbarton
2, Airdrieonians
3, Arbroath
4, Raith
5, Montrose
6, Brechin City
7, Stranraer
8, East Fife
9, Forfar
10, Stenhousemuir

Purely speculative, just as I see it. Forfar May be a lot higher you never know.

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I just don’t think it’ll be easy for Brechin to shake off the complete and utter embarrassment that was last season, particularly with the same manager (and a handful of the same players).

I’m quite frankly astounded he lasted the season, never mind being kept on for another.

It would be unfair to tarnish every single Brechin player last season with the same brush and what I would say is that you don’t become a dreadful player overnight. To echo the guys above... time will tell.
He was nt that bad , I think it's just the fact he thought he was better than he was. If he'd stayed another year I would nt have grumbled. He d a different defensive partner as well every other week .
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